Gardening anyone?

          Have you started planning your gardens? What are you growing this year? I am really excited about gardening for the first time at our new home.  We have been busy tilling up the area where our vegetable gardens will be. I have been cleaning out the flower beds and moving rocks and planning where I want my small fish pond!! So excited to watch all the transformations.

          We also did some research to find the best place to order the seeds for our area and found some GREAT prices!! Have you ever heard of Twilley seed?  This post wasn’t created to give them a plug but just to let you know about them. We have yet to see how well these seeds are but at the prices and these great options I am willing to find out and let you know later this year.

twilley logo

We decided we were not going to go too crazy for our first year gardening here since we are still so busy with everything else life has given us.  We talked about what we wanted in our vegetable garden this year and the list grew a bit then we did some seed research. Then we decided on the company we were going to order from and went through their catalog and the list grew. Well…the seeds came today and well. Here is a picture of what we will be planting in our garden this year.

Twilley seeds

Hmm, maybe we over did it just a teentsy, weentsy bit 🙂  We have the the cedar boards all ready to be transformed into our garden beds and the seeds are here. The growing shelf in the garage is ready. Just a few more things and we will be ready to grow go 🙂  Very much looking forward to growing a lot of our food this year.  So thankful for our new friends that we have found in our new neighborhood. The people that live directly across from us are master gardeners and my mentors 🙂 They have been so helpful already and will be a great bonus when it comes to our garden this year. <3  We have been enjoying 60 degree weather for much of the winter here in Oklahoma but I see at the end of our 7 day forecast the normal winter weather is moving in looking at highs in the 40’s then. I will need this post to come back to so I can stay up beat. Winter is my easy season to get a little of those winter blues or cabin fever. Ugh, it can be so depressing.



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