I can’t believe my baby girl is officially a teenager. I miss my big, blue-eyed “baby”.

baby savannah

It truly is amazing how fast the time has gone by. From a baby to a walking toddler to a running child and soon you will be a driving teenager!! Yikes. Actually you have been driving around our property for years now so I am sure you will be a great driver one day. I have a feeling you will be great at what ever you set your mind too. You have always been a happy girl and a very good baby. You even started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks of age because mommy had to go back to work after you were born until I was laid off. Now that’s a good baby. 🙂

10months savannah0002

Savannah is growing into such a special young lady. She has a tender heart that wouldn’t hurt a flea.  She is finishing up her 7th grade year of homeschooling and current in her third year playing the trumpet and just started with the tenor saxophone. She has also just started attending a dance class. She LOVES animals and currently we have: Thor (GS), Chewy (GS) and Nala(mix), Tweety the parakeet, Gerbonky(beta fish) and a few other no name fish. I just asked her what she wants to be when she grows up and she still says a Veterinarian. She is also crazy over two computer games (Sherwood Dungeon and Animal Jam).  Here is a look back.


You were daddy’s little angel from the moment he laid eyes on you and mommy’s blue-eyed baby girl <3 This is a role your daddy enjoys very much especially since he still has a firm grip on his inner child. 😉IMG_6791

We have enjoyed watching you grow to become such a wonderful young lady. I pray every day that you continue down the path you are on and don’t fall victim to so many of those things out there that Satan tries to throw in your path. You are such a talented, smart and beautiful child that I know you are going to do great things with you life.savannah cute hat

You are a well rounded child. I will always remember that day at the DMV while we were waiting for Sarah to take her driving test. I sat down and had one boy on my lap and the other in the stroller and there was one seat open between me and an senior woman. She smiled at you  and said you can sit here I won’t bite.  Then ,you,  as smooth and quick as can be sat down while responding, “Yeah, but who says I won’t” 🙂 you made us all laugh and started our conversation. At dance class you use your comical abilities to lighten the mood and make others smile.  You are typically a very selfless young lady and always worried about other people before yourself.

Savannah and Bubba

My animal lover through and through from the chickens, hamster, guinea pig, bird, dogs and fish to the goats, donkey and horse. I think you would be an amazing veterinarian if that is what you continue to want to do. You have the tender heart to sympathize with the pain that owners feel when their pets are ill or injured and the smarts to help the ones that you can and end the suffering to those that you can’t.

Savannah princess

You are a beautiful girl inside and out and I love the tomboy in you that I see on a daily basis but I also love that little princess that comes out on occasion as well like at my cousins wedding in the picture above. You are a simply, stunning, natural beauty. Please don’t ever think you are anything less.  You are a true princess your Father is the King of Kings and your daddy’s a pretty good guy too. 😀 We love you and are very proud of you.  I can hardly believe it has been 13 years already that God has placed you in our lives and I am thankful for every day and enjoy every minute.  I know the future will bring even more happiness and joy to your life and you will continue to fill ours with the same. We love you sweet girl please don’t you ever change.  Love your truly blessed mommy. <3

savannahs bday cake

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