Definite Improvements

We are busy loving making improvements and personal touches to our new home. This was one of the easiest improvements we have done so far but it took a few steps to complete but I love it.

First off let me show you the light fixtures we were working with on our back porch. They are seriously Ug to the Ly! Am I right or am I right?

old light fixture old light fixture1

We replaced the lights by our garage doors shortly after moving in with motion sensor lights. I asked my hubby to keep the old garage door fixtures because I could see their potential. Well I did not think to stop and take before pictures of the fixtures. I am really bummed about it because then you would be able to see their true transformation. I took them apart completely. I removed all the glass and cleaned each piece completely and then cleaned and painted the metal of the fixture. We didn’t like the open bottom so we cut screen to fit and screwed it on after adding the light bulb. One of the new fixtures went right up with out a problem but the other one needed me my husband to build a wooden frame to cover the gap but I think they look amazing!

new light fixtures new light fixtures2 new light fixtures3

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