Dental Depot visit

Well I finally got around to it. The kids were all due for a cleaning in October but with the move we missed it and I never got it taken care of until now.

I always try to use the little local guys in our small town but it just wasn’t going to happen here so we went with the company we grew to love when we lived outside of Oklahoma city. Dental Depot treated us so good when we used them in Midwest city. They always got all three kids in for me on the same day. They would take up a few slots and we would get it all done in one swoop. They have a big train out front for the kids to play on and trains that drive all over throughout the building and two play areas with little wooden trains they can play with while we wait. The local company wouldn’t schedule them all at one time on one day and then told me I could go back with one at a time but only me. I said that still won’t work. There are three children and the youngest two need me with them. I can’t leave my 4 or 5 year old sitting in the waiting room while I go back with the other. I am glad we went with Dental Depot again. Even though it was about 20 miles away it was worth it. This location is just as awesome as our last one was. They people were super friendly and they worked for us not the other way around. We did go on one of their busiest days but we got seen right away. However, we did have to wait a while to see the dentist at the very end because he got held up with another patient. Here is a picture show of how it went. I hope this company keeps growing and will be available where you all live soon. They truly are amazing.

Dental visit

Top to bottom. The boys in their chairs waiting for the initial cleaning (Savannah was done by the time I finished up our paperwork). They had us all back before our original appointment times but after the cleaning (NO CAVITIES) we had to wait for the dentist and he got hung up with another patient so the wait was pretty long so they were getting bored. I let them get up and play after I snapped these pics while we finished waiting Then since they were all so good and no cavities what else could we do but stop immediately at Braums!┬á We weren’t that bad…we ordered frozen yogurt twists in cones. ­čÖé They are SOOOOO good Braums is another thing most of you are missing out on since they are only regional. They gobbled down the frozen yogurt and before we got to the house this is the scene in my van. It was a beautiful day and we were out all morning again so this didn’t surprise me but the cat nap is all they needed and they are running again. Now I am ready to sleep. Fresh air blowing through the windows and gently blowing my curtains…I could easily fall asleeeeeeeeeeeee

Just kidding, no rest for the weary.┬á Have a great weekend everyone! Here’s the only picture I was able to snap of Savannah. It’s her….very bored with a sand timer waiting to go home:)Savannah waiting


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