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Carpets and upholstered furniture make your home feel cozy and look elegant. They add texture and richness to a room and also help to soundproof it. Carpets and upholstered furniture are soft on bare feet, add color and patterns to your living space and help to create or reinforce your design style. There are many benefits to carpeting your floors and selecting upholstered chairs or sofas for your home, however, there is also one major downside that must be addressed. Routine cleaning of your rugs and upholstered furniture is imperative to maintain beauty, durability and cleanliness. Rug and upholstery cleaning can be expensive, but even more significant, it can be worrisome because some over-the-counter cleaners or professional cleaning services use products that are filled with harsh chemicals that you do not want near your family. GreenChoice Carpet Cleaning Company only uses safe, green products, so, when it comes to rug or sofa cleaning Virginia residents can take advantage of this environmentally aware, low-priced cleaning service. GreenChoice Carpet Virginia also specializes in cleaning area rugs, mattress cleaning, leather cleaning, rug repair and air duct cleaning. With over twenty years of experience cleaning both residential and corporate carpets and furnishings, GreenChoice knows how to safely and effectively remove stains, odors and dirt from carpets, sofas and chairs. Trained service technicians are available to assess your specific needs and to choose the best, organic and natural products available that will give you the results you seek. You don’t have to use toxins to clean carpets or upholstery when green products will do the job cheaply and effectively.

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  1. Jake says:

    Are they good? Please, tell because I want to book their service.

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