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This is a much needed book. There are so many important life lessons that are being lost in the cracks. Parents think schools are teaching our children and the schools think these are thing parents should be teaching our children, however no one is doing it. This book helps new young adults discover answers to important questions and more like:
  • Discover your purpose and inspiration
  • Build a living legacy
  • Live life without regrets
  • Don’t define success by riches
  • Diversify your life
  • Don’t allow work to consume your life
  • Plan, practice, and persevere to succeed
  • Take risks—even if you might fail
  • Control what you can, but accept what you can’t
  • Embrace change as an opportunity
  • Commit to being a life-long learner
  • Immerse yourself in the beauty of God’s creation

We all know that some of the most important questions in life are not asked until much too late.  We find it easier to hide away the regrets or disappointments in our lives but these things will eventually find their way back to the forefront.  Inevitably we all have some regrets no matter how wonderful our lives become.  You can do something about it though.  Occasionally ask yourself the regret question and then REALLY do something about it.  Then you will become that much more content with your life NOW not sitting back regretting everything you didn’t resolve later.

Ask our senior citizens about life regrets and you will hear a lot of things like:  I didn’t spend enough time with my loved ones, I was too stubborn to apologize or I didn’t appreciate the little things in life and I valued things over relationships.

So, how do you live a life with few regrets?  Dennis Tritton say,  “You have to periodically take a “regret check” and then do something about it, as difficult as it may be.  This discipline will help you make those needed mid-course corrections and “relationship repairs” along the way. Be forewarned, though: it’s not easy, and it takes a strong dose of courage, humility, and determination.”

The book is broken down into different chapters that look at various stages of life.  Geared toward young people entering college, this book goes over many life lessons the author learned over time and gives sound advice to our young adults.  At the end of each idea there is a “Take Five” section.  Each one gives you the ability to dive even deeper into that particular idea and apply it to your own life or circumstance.   I really like the laid-back, simple and straight forward approach that the author uses to share his knowledge. I think this book would make a perfect gift for a graduating senior heading off to their college adventure.  “What I Wish I Knew at 18″,  covers 100+ pointers in 239 pages.  It can be purchased in a variety of formats and also as a bundle with a student guide.  In our home I am the TEACHER And the PARENT so this book also comes in handy for me. We will incorporate this into our daily school work. I will be an assistant teacher to Mr. Tritton and share this wonderful information with my children before graduation.

Why did Dennis Tritton write this book? What were his motivations and what did he hope to accomplish? Let me allow him to tell you.





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