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Yes, I agree technology is an awesome thing that saves me tons of time and helps me immensely as a homeschooler. With all of this modern technology why does it seem like the days are shorter and I accomplish less “off-line” then ever before? We don’t have to hand wash our own dishes anymore, less trips to the library for information we can now find online, and the list goes on and on. However at the end of the day I found myself feeling like I wasn’t getting things done.

In addition to the above our children are going outside less and staring at TV’s, Computer, iPads and the likes instead. What’s a person to do? I have heard a lot of people talking about this subject and wanted to let you all know what we have implemented and what works wonderfully for our family.

This actually all started with the opportunity to save money. Where we used to live there was a program that helped you save money by alerting you to high power usage times when the grid was the busiest and most expensive. You were supposed to stop using power from certain times of the day to save yourself big bucks and to help with the power consumption on the grid. Well we tried it and did it right up until we were selling our home. I really didn’t like this program too much because our last home was not energy efficient and it was not well insulated so when we turned our AC basically off in the heat of the summer our home would just get unbearably hot.

too hot

We started to just raise our AC so slightly uncomfortable instead. The other thing we didn’t like was that it was from 2-7 meaning we missed the 6 o’clock news. I don’t care much for watching TV but do like to catch the news.

Once we sold our home and moved the new location didn’t have such a program but I really missed that “Power-Off Time” so after settling in we implemented it again. We get our school work done in the mornings, have lunch and I let the kids play with their favorite power sucker until 2. Then we start our “Power-Off” time. I decided it will run until 6pm so I can catch the news and then they can play and settle down for the night. Today was the first real hot day since we moved into our new home. It almost hit 90degrees today. I super excited and happy to report “Power-Off” time was a breeze today. I opened a couple windows where the light breeze would blow in and just had on ceiling fans and we were perfectly comfortable without the AC on!! That is huge to me. We don’t necessarily need to keep the AC off but I wanted to see just how awesome this house is and now I know. 8)

The benefits of this time are great including spending time together, getting exercise, enjoying the outdoors, accomplishing numerous projects, gardening, crafting and play time together.



The possibilities are unlimited. Some times we stay in and craft together and other times we work in the garden, maybe doing a little planking (lol),sarah planking play in the sprinkler, ride bikes, practice some soccer

Ryker soccer pose


or start work on projects we have been wanting to get too

terra cotta pots

while other times we simply enjoying a nap.

How about you and your family? What types of things do you do together? Do you have a power off time in your home or certain hours they are allowed for computer/TV times?

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