Unhappy Gardener

This is my first spring in our new home and we worked hard over the winter to have our raised bed’s ready to go.

Our raised beds

We put down some great soil and mushroom compost and have been growing our veggies in the house for months. Typically we are safe to put out our plants by April 15th but not this year. I kept my eyes on the weather report and every week at the end of the 7 day forecast there would be another freeze. We go up to the 70’s and 80’s then drop down and freeze then back to the 70’s and 80’s then freeze. Well I was certain I was safe now that May was a couple days away when I planted everything on April 28th. Nope we are setting a record here in Oklahoma with a Freeze May 2nd! UGH…praying my efforts will keep the plants protected until the freeze passes.

I was so tired after planting everything I didn’t take any pictures and now it looks like this.   garden frost protected

It’s crazy to think that it was in the 80’s for a couple days to this. We had the windows open all day and I got a sunburn. Today….frostbitten fingers. 🙁 I sure hope the plants appreciate it and they are able to pull through.  How about you all? Did you put out your vegetables yet? Did you ever have to cover them?


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