Oh , my gosh this is the saddest story I have ever heard. A couple of kids, Stacy and Jason, that went off to college and met at church. It wasn’t love at first sight but they fell for each other got married and started welcoming babies into their family..1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.  Life was good for the Bingham family.

They had a nice home and both were working adults with 5 happy, healthy babies. When things started to unravel.  May 2006 they had 3 children and the 4th on the way when their oldest, Sierra, started getting sick all the time and after a chest x-ray and they find out she has Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

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That was just the beginning. She gets a heart transplant and faces a long recovery and the couple have their other children under go echo cardiograms and they are given clean bills of health as they do with their next 2 children they welcome into their family. However, 6 years after their oldest was diagnosed her sister, Lindsey, complained of stomach aches, starts to swell and has a hard time breathing. After a trip to the emergency and a chest x-ray it is confirmed that she too has Dilated Cardiomyopathy.  That was a very hard pill to swallow. But will this be the end of the story? Nope.  They notice their youngest Gage wasn’t acting right and it was diagnosed that he was in complete heart block and was admitted to the hospital. So they have one child that has received a heart transplant, 2 on the waiting list for hearts and they know now that they other 2 have markers for the disease too. They could face the same thing at anytime. Is this not the hardest thing you can ever think of. I am so touched by this amazing family and their determination, love and support.

So after 8 months waiting they get the notice that they have a heart for Lindsey and are excited about that information but then they receive a kick in the gut when Sierra has problems and they admit her for her body possibly rejecting her donor heart. All of this is happening on the same day. Valentines day comes and Lindsey is on the way for her walk to the operating room and a new heart. The music track stops at the operating room and the fear sets in. She is off and that is the first crisis in what will be a long night. 2 daughters lives in chaos in the same night. They go to check on Sierra who is worried about Lindsey and Jason is now worried about Sierra. They have to pack up Lindsey’s room to make it available for another sick child. The room they have been basically living in for 8 months. Sierra’s biopsy results show that antibodies are attacking her heart. They tell them there are some options but if they can’t remove the antibodies from that are attacking her heart she faces another heart replacement surgery and little Gage already has a pace maker. Lindsey has a seizure but it was due to medicine which they quickly remedied and they are on their way to recovery and up and walking then moved to the Ronald McDonald House with both Lindsey and Sierra.  Before they ever make it back home they find out the treatment on Sierra is unsuccessful so they try another treatment and the 2nd biopsy results come in. That means for now her heart is doing good so they can FINALLY GO HOME!!  They have never been so happy to be home. Sierra ran straight to her room just to see it as Lindsey jumped on the trampoline with friends and relatives. They know it’s not over and  may never be for now it’s fine and they are all home together. <3 WOW, what a tear-jerker story. I was totally enthralled, inspired and refreshed.  You are an amazing family, Bingham family!


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