My gardening adventure

Our raised bedsHere is how things started at our new home. We made these 6 raised beds (3 rectangular and 3 square). We filled the beds with a mix of gardening mix from the local business where buy it by the truckload and then made another trip for another truck load of Mushroom compost at another business.  We learned how to start our seeds inside so these are all grown from seed plants except the strawberries which are doing horrible.

Here is the progress the corn has been making in the small square to the far left and back of the picture.

corn collage

The peppers have had a rough start this year with the delayed warm up so they are pretty short but I couldn’t believe it when I actually found some peppers on one of them this evening.  This is the middle rectangular bed.pepper collage

The rectangle at the very right in the picture is mostly tomato’s with some lettuce and basil planted in as well. It again started slow but I have several different tomato’s on them but none have turned red yet but I am so ready.


front tomato bedThe front square bed is pretty sad. Then only thing growing good in it is the thyme. I planted some strawberry plants we picked up in there but they are pretty sad and then I added some Thyme and Cantaloupe. I believe the rabbits are nibbling on their leaves. Grrrr, can’t wait to get it fenced off.  I will show you my why in the next picture after this sad little square bed’s pics. strawberry bed collageIsn’t this one just sad. My mother-in-law has been enjoying strawberries for weeks but these babies don’t stand a chance so I added the Thyme and a couple cantaloupe plants.

Now the next garden bed is the left rectangle. It is a catch all bed. It has several tomato plants, some basil, some lettuce and flowers. It really took off and has become a favorite to more than just me as you will see. Look at how great it is all doing. Hmm, look closely at that lettuce plant in the bottom right. Oh, you need a closer picture?

back rectangle








Yeah, It appears this bed is not just my favorite. As I was watering one of my lettuce plants really started squirming. After throwing  down my watering wand and upon closer inspection these little boogers are the reason why. 8-/ Not quite sure what to think but everyone is telling me not to fret because they will simply hop away in a couple days. I will give it a couple days then I may have to take action. I can’t wait to get this little area fenced in.  baby bunnies in my lettuce

One last bed to show you. That is the square in the middle. It is home to some shallots, scallions, lettuce and brussel sprouts. I think it is doing pretty good.  How are your gardening efforts going this year? What do you want out of your garden? I am hoping to can some tomato’s. May make some into spaghetti sauce and some salsa…may even try ketchup this year.

onion bed collage

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  1. Sue Hull says:

    I don’t have a garden. I have a cement patio.I did get a very pretty bush that attracts butterflies & humming birds. I may get some tomatoes.I don’t really have a green thumb.My daughter gave me a beautiful orchid for mother’s day and it’s still alive,so I don’t have a black thumb.I’m praying it doesn’t die.Your garden is so beautiful,lucky you.My new email is up there.I was having issues with the phone company and internet explorer is to slow. Now I have my phone,email and tv all in one.Firefox is so much faster. Have a good day 🙂

    • Valerie says:

      Thanks again. I haven’t had the best luck in the past but moved into an awesome neighborhood and my neighbors are brilliant when it comes to gardening and flowers so they have taken me under their wing. 🙂 I also use Firefox and love it. If you want to receive emails with your new email from my blog please subscribe with you new email address. I really appreciate your comments and suggestions. 🙂 Have a blessed week.

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