Welcome to the Family Keegan


Welcome Keegan William to our family!

We have all been waiting so anxiously for your arrival.


My little brother and sister-in-law  welcomed this beautiful little guy into our family on June 1st. We are so happy he is here and happy and healthy.  His big brother has been keeping his name a secret for the longest time. There was no way he was going to spill the beans on this top secret mission.  He is also so lucky to have a sweet angel big brother to keep an eye on him from above and two parents that worked so hard to get him here. This is a very wanted little guy. Not to mention his Aunt in Oklahoma that has been praying for his perfect arrival as well. We love you Keegan and are so happy to finally see your perfect and beautiful face. Sending virtual kisses from Oklahoma and some are for your beautiful brother as well. Good job little brother, you and your amazing wife sure make perfect babies. <3

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