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Sorry to just run out on you all but we all jump when it comes to family don’t we.  I knew my grandpa was having a hard time lately and had been in and out of the hospital. He has had some trouble keeping water out of his lungs. He is such a lucky man to have such great kids to take care of him so he can be comfortable and at home.  I applaud my aunts for all the wonderful care they give to him.  He is a very loved man.  My husband happened to be home for a few days and told me if I wanted to go I could. I really thought he was kidding at first but then realized he was really serious. He had me packing up and leaving within an hour. My father-in-law, Jim, had come up to spend some time with us and he decided he was up for a road trip too so he and I hit the road with Ryker in the back seat. Ryan stayed home to keep dad company and spend time with him while Savannah was at her Oma’s house, my mother-in-law.

It was a pleasant trip besides basically the entire state of IN being under construction. I think we were in construction zones more than we were out of them.  You can just see the excitement on Jim and Ryker’s faces, right?

opa sleepingryker holding my hair while I drive


Yes, that is Ryker holding my hair as I am driving down the road, lol. Things did get better I promise. We arrived about supper time and after eating and visiting for a few minutes. My dad took us out on the maiden voyage for the year on his pontoon boat to show Jim around the lake where they live. It was a perfect night for a cruise so we really enjoyed ourselves.

opa and ryker on boatRyker really LOVES spending time with his Opa. So much so, when Opa is spending the night I am not the first one to get morning hugs.  After our tour across the lake we headed back to their house to meet my new nephew, his big brother, mommy and daddy. As you saw in my previous post, Keegan William joined our family on the first of June.  This was my first time meeting the handsome little guy.

KeeganIsn’t he just a little doll? I had to take pictures of his little hands and his sweet little baby feet and about a dozen other pictures but I will just share a couple.8) precious baby feet keegan hands fist to cheek

Seriously handsome, right? After getting some much needed rest from the trip we went the next day to visit my grandpa a couple times. Because of all the excitement and catching up on things with everyone I gave my cell phone to Ryker and forgot to take any pictures…shame on me. I love this picture my aunt posted on Facebook that shows her grandson, Michael, reading to my grandpa. grandpa mogg & MichaelI was able to spend some time with my Grandpa, one of my uncles and all of my aunts! They also all got to meet and chat with my father-in-law, Jim.  My dad took him cruising around town and showed him the home we all grew up in and the house he grew up in and things like that. I think everyone really enjoyed themselves. I would have loved to stay longer but I had to get back because of the surprise 40th birthday party I was planning for Michael that was just a few days away so we hit the road the next day.

On the way home we left a lot earlier so we didn’t have to drive so far each day. The first day we stopped off at a Cracker Barrel, one of our favorites.  I was able to snap this fun picture of my father-in-law telling Ryker to “cheese”, lol. opa and ryker at cracker barrelIt looks like he is really angry though doesn’t it? LOL, then we stopped by 6pm and grabbed some pizza and relaxed at the hotel and went to sleep early. It was actually a good thing we headed back when we did because Michael got called back to work early and had to leave right before we got home.  As a bonus we were able to bring home the dog kennel I had to buy for our dogs while the kids and I stayed up in MI at my parents house while we were in between homes. So now the chickens have their own place in the backyard now and not on MY BACK PORCH. :-/

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