Since we bought our home November 2012 I haven’t changed much on the inside. This will be our forever home so I want to do it right the first time and don’t want to do anything before I know exactly (or close to it) what I want. I started off with the smallest room in our house, the upstairs bathroom.  Here are a few pictures I took when we first bought the home and before we had moved anything in. Anything in the pictures was left by the previous owners. upstairs bathroom upstairs bathroom1 upstairs bathroom2

The walls are a real soft green color that I just didn’t care for. The flooring is the only thing I haven’t replaced yet and I want to get some new curtains up as well but here is what I came up with and my almost finished upstairs bathroom.  I am loving the new bold color against the black cabinets.  We replaced that toilet with a new water conserving, handicap toilet. We are replacing all our toilets with them since they are just nicer being that that sit higher. You don’t feel like you are going to sit on the floor.  OK, enough talk here are the pic’s. 1078344_10200548204843913_337280675_n 1079154_10200548208924015_883883389_n 1079878_10200552836039690_1797716868_n 1080310_10200552805478926_1136783573_n

So what do you think? I lied I do have one other thing to complete. I bought some black rod iron decor I haven’t installed yet. Like a toilet paper holder and a robe hook behind the door. I also want to replace the hand towel holder you can see on the wall by the mirror. Then this room is complete. I also thought this post would be perfect to share on The Dedicated House Anything Blue weekly post. <3

What do you think about this color for the kitchen. 1069042_10200548164042893_619888314_n

My boys have put in their request too….camo. I told them I would attempt camo on one wall but not all four. 🙂

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