are you prepared    My husband celebrated his 40th birthday this year and I think that was what really kicked this “What-If” train into motion.

Right now my husband is the sole provider for our family. One little biggin’ has flown the nest but we still have three little’s at home and they won’t be flying the coop anytime soon at 13, 6 and 4 1/2.  We have been needing to increase my husbands life insurance for a while and are now actively pursing that and then the “What- if” something happens and he can’t work for a period of time or worse.  I haven’t worked in around 10 years except for some home daycare stuff but I never watched more than two to three children at a time. I don’t have any degrees that could help me get a job that could actually sustain us where we are today. Hmmm….not good.

We have been waiting on this home for a long time. We are really happy with where we are today and want to make sure this is our “forever” home.  So what does that mean for our family.  Well that means in addition to homeschooling 3 children this year I will be “home-schooling” as well. I have signed up at our local Community College and have been working to get everything set up to begin schooling in the fall semester and start doing school work right along side of my children.  We just want to be prepared for the “What-If’s”.  It doesn’t mean that I will have to go to school for 2-4 years and then get a full-time job but that I will be prepared if I need to and maybe by that time I will want to work a part-time job.  It’s the knowing that we will be OK in the event something would happen.  A homeschooling friend of mine recently, unexpectedly, lost her husband to cancer. It was very fast acting and didn’t leave them much time.  In addition to spending as much time with her husband and praying she had to get custody (quickly) of her step-kids and move closer to his family and then the process of grieving and starting over began.  I want us to be prepared so in the event of something like this we don’t put unnecessary burdens on our loved ones.  We are  even looking at and picking out our burial sites so we can pay for 4-6 spots and just have them for the “What-If’s”.

Does my husband get off the hook here? Nope, in addition to getting more life insurance on him he has agreed to lose 20lb’s by the time I finish my first semester.  Then an additional 10 the next semester.  So that means for Christmas I will have a 20lb lighter hubby which means he will be getting healthier as I am getting smarter. 😛 he he

I would say this is a Win-Win situation.  I get a college degree and the security of knowing that we will be OK in the event we suffer from a life-changing event and my husband will be working on getting himself in shape and healthier.

What are you all doing? Do you have safety measures set up for those “What-If’s” in life or are you working on it as well, or haven’t you thought about it?  Please leave me comments on what your family is doing to be prepared.

Are you ready


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