I owe you an apology

I'm SorryI owe you all an apology for how my blog has been going lately.

I started back to college for the first time in 20 years this fall semester.

I always wanted to go back to college but I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up and the babies  kept coming so school took a back burner. Well, the hubby turned 40 this year and my babies are now 6.5 and almost 5 now so we thought it would be a good time to go back. We want to be prepared.

If something happened and my husband could no longer work or if something even worse happened we want to know that what ever the tragedy is that is all our children will have to worry about.

Can you imagine losing one of your parents and then losing everything you have ever known like your home, friends and more because you couldn’t afford to maintain that same level after losing them. We want to make sure our children never have to go through that.

However it has proven to take a lot more of me away from my blog than I thought it would and for that I apologize. This coming spring semester will not prove to be as challenging. I am down to only a few required prerequisites before I can actually apply and get into the Nursing program so I am only taking Biology for Majors and a History class. I should take Chemistry too but I am worried that Biology for Majors and Chemistry would prove to be too much for me and I want to maintain my A’s. Of course as the semester was nearing the end and things were getting harder and more was due like my 7 page paper and power point presentation when my laptop freaked out and had to go in to the shop. That definitely didn’t help matters but I dd get it back in time and stayed up until 1a.m. preparing my power point presentation for class but I am still catching up on my blog.Nursing SymbolI still have a couple over do reviews to post and then I hope to be back to normal again. I have one last paper to write and two exams and this semester is over and as of right know I have A’s in all three classes.


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