Happy Birthday Sweet Ryker

The evening you were born was an amazing day. Your daddy was there to welcome you to our family and your Oma was given the privilege of cutting your cord after your delivery and you received her father’s name as your middle name.

newbornI loved looking at and kissing your precious little baby feet! I still kiss those little feet. 🙂

newborn feetYou were my little finger sucker up until just this last year when you quit on your own. I kind of miss you sucking on those two fingers as you played with my hair but you stopped doing both suddenly one day. 🙁

finger sucking chunky babyYou were always a very animated little man and still are to this day. <3

tongue outYou liked being naked when every possible. We are still working a little on this one (Ryker shut the door).

handsome naked blued eyes baby boy

Your big brother has thought you were pretty awesome since day one. You are very lucky to have such an amazing big brother!

big bother kissYou think it’s funny to hide on people and/or jump out and scare us!

behind the couchYou are also now and have always been an outdoor boy. You are pretty rough and tumble.

black and whiteWhere ever brother would go you were sure to follow.

back of 4 wheelerLove the cute expressions I catch you making when you aren’t aware….even when you are aware. You are quite the ham!

with that elvis lipYou are my busy little man. Always getting dirty or building train tracks or playing with Lego’s.

mud puddleMy sweet little angel face….mommy’s little hero…I LOVE you!!

super hero


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