Welcome 2014

2014Well, another year has come and gone.

2013, like every year, was a year of both good stories and bad. I decided several years ago that I would focus on the good stories and try to remain positive. A pastor at a church we visited this last weekend told it in a funny way that got the point across. He told the diary of a dog and the diary of a car both living in the same home. The dogs diary goes something like this, “7a.m. dog food-my favorite, 8a.m. ride in the car-my favorite, 9a.m. play at the park-my favorite, 10a.m. another car ride-my favorite, 3p.m. kids-my favorite and ending with 8p.m. sleep in my master’s bed-my favorite”. Then we go to the cat’s diary and it goes like this, “Day 248 of my captivity, these people dine on fine food with meat while I am forced to eat dry cereal. The only way I sustain myself is with thoughts of the day I finally break free. Today I almost killed them by swerving in and out of their legs as they walked. I will have to remember and try this again at the top of the stairs.” OK, I think you can see where this is going. Both of them lived in the same house but chose to look at their lives completely differently. I want to be a dog. ­čśÇ

January 1, 2014 is a brand new book. A blank slate for each of us to write. Let’s choose to make this a positive one. I pray that each of you write an amazing story in 2014!

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