2014 is off to a good start here

This year I am off to a running start. Spring cleaning has arrived early for me. There is snow on the ground today here in Oklahoma but I am still spring cleaning. I have had a very productive couple of days. I am de-cluttering, organizing and cleaning up drawer-by-drawer, closet-by-closet and room by room. I really need to get better at taking before and after pictures….OK, I really need to start taking pictures, not get better at since that would imply that I took at least one picture.

We have hosted several events at our home over the last two months which was a lot of fun but also exhausting. I wouldn’t change a thing about it but it can be draining both mentally and physically at times. We had Thanksgiving at our home and were thrilled that my parents were in town in their RV so they could enjoy the holiday with us. Michael’s family joined us as well. It was a full house of good times. We even had a game of volleyball going out in the front yard after the food settled. We also got to spend some time with a long time friend of Michael’s and her grandchildren (3 boys under 9 and under) for a few days after Thanksgiving. My two boys had so  much fun with her three grandsons and we enjoyed the visit with her as well. Then we had a great time here Christmas Eve as we celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve with Michael’s family. We enjoyed some homemade lasagna, made by my 17-year-old niece, and had a good time playing a few rounds of Skip-bo. We were able to convince Michael’s dad to come back up and spend a few days with us over New Years helping my husband assemble a new RC kit plane in the upstairs room he stole from me(that is another story).

My father-in-law hit the road to head back home on the third and then my Spring fever really took off. I started in my bedroom and cleaned off my nightstand and then cleaned it out and moved a couple  pieces of furniture. Then I assisted my 13-year-old daughter with a major organizing, de-cluttering, cleaning mission in her room. We have a bunch of things I think I will put up for sale and use the proceeds towards girl-i-fying her room. Then I went to the homeschool room and also de-cluttered, re-organized and cleaned up in there. I have done some light cleaning in the pantry but need $$ for new organizing products to complete the design I am going for. Which really means I am needing to order some organizing products like these can organizers from CanOrganizer. I already have a couple of them and they are great but they are the wrong size. I had them for our last home which had deeper shelves. My pantry here shelves that are taller but not as deep so they hang way over the edge. I can’t believe how great these cardboard organizers really are but they are affordable and have held up for years with  us and survived a move as well. I am such a tight wad the only reason why I haven’t ordered them already is the cost of shipping is a hard pill for me to swallow.

As I am going room-to-room I am making notes on my “notes” section of my iPhone so when I am out and about if I come across something I need to complete a project I can grab it. I have window measurements and other miscellaneous items listed here. I also added some things that my daughter could use in her room and clothing that needs restocked and such. As a stay-at-home mom and living on one income currently while I am going back to school and homeschooling my children I don’t have the funds to run out and just get what I want for every project to be complete but I keep a running list so I can do a little at a time. Another item on my want list is a flat screen like a 32″ or smaller for the homeschool room because it is also the game room where the boys play on the computers or on the TV game system in there but If I can get a flat screen I can move it to the book shelf and get rid of the HUGE old box TV we have in there. It’s not a huge screen or something its just one of those old BIG box sets that weighs 50 pounds and is too bulky and deep to sit on a shelf. It is currently sitting on an old microwave cart.

I did sit down for a little while today and play for the first time on my new Cuttlebug I got for Christmas. That was a lot of fun. I hope to actually get a picture of something worthy of posting very soon. I am trying to get as much done as I can before my new semester starts and I am back to studying in my spare time. Well, it is 17 minute past the boys bedtime so I will talk to you all later. I hope your 2014 is blessed and productive. <3


Cupboard Organizer 4 Pack

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