Garden anyone?

IMG_0391It’s almost that time again. Are you ready to start your seeds off under your grow lights or do you buy plants that are ready to go? Do you have your garden planned out and seeds ordered? I just completed my order sheet and need to get my order called in so I can get my lettuce, spinach and onions out in just a few weeks. I will direct sow those three seeds in February.  This is what my garden looked like last year (two or three times) because of really late frost warnings. It is normally safe to put out our plants, here in Oklahoma, by April 20th but we had two or three late frosts including one the first week of May. (Sigh), so goes the gardeners life. Thank goodness for my husbands huge tarps from trucking and some buckets and such underneath. Everything made it!photoI put my garlic in at the end of last year and have ordered the new items I want to add to my garden this year. Free seeds anyone? Don’t you LOVE free seeds. I wanted to tell you all about this great site called WinterSown.org. I LOVE this website and you can get FREE seeds!

We are making changes to our garden layout this coming year since we fenced in a larger part of our backyard including the garden area and I will be separating the garden from the backyard with another fence…like a fence inside a fence to keep the dogs out of the garden but to deter other critters from getting into my garden. I really need to get that move going asap.

Do you add anything to your soil every year? Do you use your own compost or buy some special mix? We buy a truck load of mushroom compost and add it to our own compost and the existing beds. It smells like a port-a-pot but it is amazing stuff. This is the new compost bin we made last spring since we just moved here in November 2012. My  husband built me three rectangular raised beds and three square raised beds and this compost bin which has two sections full now. IMG_1046Please tell me what your plans are this year and what special things you do for your soil or particular plants. I am pretty new at this but learning loads every year. I love hearing what works for other people and where they live. Here in Oklahoma, I quit growing zucchini because of the insects but I LOVE zucchini. We get insects here that attack our zucchini, squash plants and destroy them every year. There is nothing that is know to kill them that is safe for humans so you just fight them as long as you can and then they finally win and that is something that is so frustrating to me that I just quit growing zucchini. I mean I got so frustrated that I quit gardening totally for a couple years but now I am back and loving it I just got smart and quit growing what was causing my frustration. What is your frustration?

My garden did amazing last year and we started canning. tomatoes and peppersMy husband bought me a pressure canner and it was on!  cinnamon cucumbers I canned jars and jars of spaghetti sauce and other tomato based pasta sauce. I canned Basil Pesto (SO STINKING DELICIOUS) and Cinnamon cukes, apple butter, BBQ sauce and Salsa. I can’t wait to try some new things this coming year! What are your favorites. Teach me.



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