I was very excited when I started back in August 2013 and thankfully the first semester wasn’t too bad or it might have been my first and last. :-p I took three classes: Composition II, Developmental Psychology and American Government. I pulled off straight A’s. My 2nd semester was a lot harder including an impossibly hard History class as well as Biology for Majors. I was scared of Biology but had an easier time with it than I did the History class. I should have checked my professors first on www.ratemyprofessor.com.  If I would have I never would have taken this particular professor. It was an online class that was necessary for my prerequisites to get into the Nursing program. This particular professor wanted us all to be Historians or something. We had 6 (very long) essays to memorize for each test, as well as 45+ terms. It was crazy hard! I, however, was somehow able to pull off, once again, A’s in both classes. I am happy to report I am on Summer Break. No classes for the summer but I will start back again in the fall with Chemistry and my CPA course. For  now I will enjoy my college break along with my kids on school break. I will also have some free time so I can complete a few posts from time-to-time. Glad to be back, even if only for a couple  months. 🙂
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