This is my Rye guy just a week ago in Michigan visiting with family while sister was at camp in Indiana.

IMG_6319He is the ultimate gentleman. He helps anyone that needs help and has a heart of solid gold!

(((Fade back to the day he was born 7-years-ago today)))

Ryan was a planned home-birth, but what wasn’t planned was his exactly two week early arrival.

Daddy just got unload and reloaded in Iowa and I had to make that call to him telling him it was time.

He was devastated and tried as hard as he could to make it home before he arrived but Ryan beat  him by several hours. The next call was to Michael’s mom that was on stand-by for me. She was at the house with me in no time and then the midwife arrived and the waiting game was on.  My mother-in-law, helped me out while we waited. I was In and out of the tub and one trip to the hospital just as a precaution and we were back at the house for his arrival. Ryan was born on the birthing stool in our master bedroom. My daughter, Savannah, was 7 at the time and she came in and cut Ryan’s umbilical cord. Michael arrived shortly after and was a very proud daddy. We were also blessed to have Michael’s grandmother from Germany163666_173337239355049_8213754_n in the states so she was able to hold Ryan within a few hours of his birth. Ryan’s daddy has sacrificed a lot being an over-the-road owner-operator so I could be a stay-at-home mom like I always wanted to be. Because of everything he does for us we all do what ever we can to make sure he can be at every event possible. We all are willing to post-pone our birthday’s and even holiday’s if necessary to have our celebrations together as a family. This year we learned daddy would be here for Ryan’s birthday on his actual birthday, hooray!! Love it when that happens.

Here are some pictures of my sweet man over his entire 7 years. 😎


Ryan and my mom1929255_1033311949360_4053_nRyan and my dad

2522_1038838687525_4047400_nRyan, Savannah and Michael’s dad….sorry Oma I don’t have any of you on this computer with Ryan.

13469_1321996566295_6102826_n 23679_1232422687004_6474187_n 34737_1421310489081_5904257_n 223339_1015878073524_9866_n 554556_2932145579014_7408455_n  1929255_1038846607723_2820072_n 1936579_1116127859706_6590896_n35541_1321995646272_5253886_n IMG_1777


Thank you to everyone that is coming up to help us celebrate his birthday. As normal we can only plans things on a last minute basis so we can celebrate when Michael is home and so we really love and appreciate everyone that understands our spur of the moment lifestyle and helps us to make sure that daddy is always able to celebrate with us. Thank you Sarah and Trevor for getting the yard mowed this morning before the rain and before the party. Thank you mom and dad for having a little birthday party for him while we were visiting in Michigan and for my little brother and his family for coming over for it and spending time with us while we were there. Thank you to my older brother and his family for his early birthday gift and letting us keep Connor with us for a few days. Thank you Oma and Opa for making the two hour trip up to spend the day with us in celebration of this great day.  Also a big thank you to Uncle Dan & Aunt Caroline for also squeezing us into your day. You have been a HUGE blessing to our lives and we are so glad to spend the day with you! To those of you across the country that can’t be here today and those who have gone on before us, we will be thinking about you today as we celebrate.  Here is a quick peek at Ryan’s special cake request. I know it’s not perfect but I have NEVER worked with fondant before but this was his request so I did the best I could. I am actually pleased with how it turned out. front shot of tank cake side shot of tank cake

One last adorable video from when the boys were little. I think you will enjoy this. I LOVE it!!

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