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 Asian Women-Life in India

  • Did you know that over 50,000 female children are aborted every month in South Asia?
  • Females are often the last to eat and the most likely to be illiterate.
  • Girls are typically the first to work as child laborers and sometimes sold to become one of 1.2 million child prostitutes.
  • Young girls throughout Asia are ravenously abducted and forced into a life of prostitution with every agonizing day one step closer to an early death from AIDS.
  • Widows in India bear the blame for their husbands’ deaths. They’re shunned by their communities, rejected by their families and forced into an inhumane lifestyle. Tens of thousands take their own lives just to end the pain.
  • Every year in India, more than 7,000 women are doused with kerosene and burned to death—by their husbands. The wife’s crime: an insufficient dowry.
  • Many women cannot be approached by men due to cultural customs, making their slim chance of hearing the Gospel even slimmer.

My Review:  (90minute PG-13)

This movie is narrated by Natalie Grant.

What a powerful and eye-opening movie. In the world “we” live in this type of lifestyle is foreign to most of us.  It is with almost disbelief that I watched this movie. It ripped my heart out over and over again but hope is on the way. This video began speaking of the King of India years ago that loved his wife deeply and turned into what it is today.  Life for women in Asia is so bad that the suicide rate is 21%, TWENTY-ONE PERCENT, times greater than the world-wide average. The illegal act of sex selection is rampant leading to the population of men being 37 million more than women. Many young girls are married off shortly after their first menstruation. Widows are alone and shunned. The collection of dowry for marriages was outlawed on paper in the 60’s but it is still rampant and many women lose their lives because of insufficient dowry’s. 80% of bank loans are for dowry costs. These are just a couple examples of life in India and don’t even getting me talking about their caste system. EVERYONE needs to watch this  movie.

I loved that the end showed a glimpse of hope for these oppressed women through the works of Gospel for Asia. After just one and a half years of working in Asia there is finally hope. There have been 9000 women’s fellowship groups created, 5000 community wells installed. Some widows have been given work and roofs over their heads and some children are now receiving an education and meals at school. Gospel for Asia helps nearly 100,000 families each year.

I loved the movie and it’s eye-opening information. The only thing I would change is lowering the sound/music so we can hear the narrator better. I found myself turning the movie up louder and louder so I could try to make our the narrator over the music then turning it back down because it got to loud then back up when the narrator would speak again. I only found that I needed to do that at the beginning of the movie. All-in-all, this is an amazing movie with an amazing story and purpose. Please watch the trailer below and then I hope you will watch the video and join me in helping Gospel for Asia and their praiseworthy cause.   IMDb rating is 8.7 out of 10 for this movie currently.

 What can you do next?

Here are some effective ways you can take action to help the suffering women of South Asia and bring them true hope. Remember, 100% of your donation goes to the field. Nothing is taken out for administrative purposes through the Gospel for Asia. 

1.  Help Now & you pick how much you can help – Bring immediate aid to women in Asia by giving a one-time gift to the “Hope for Suffering Women” fund.

2.  Monthly partner $30/ month –  Impact the lives of people in South Asia by committing to partner with a woman missionary on a monthly basis.

3.  Assist for one year $360 –  Help a  woman missionary for one year.  These selfless agents of change will have gone through three years of intensive ministry training

100% of your donation for the field or your assistance for missionaries goes to the field. 
Churches can order a FREE Veil of Tears kit complete with the DVD, posters, and more.

Veil of Tears on Facebook      and on Twitter      Gospel for Asia/Veil of Tears website   Gospel for Asia Store (all pro

ceeds from the store will go towards Gospel for Asia’s “Hope for Suffering Women” fund.)





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