The Pandas and Their Chopsticks


My Review:

This is a beautiful hardcover book with a matching paper cover. It measures 8″x 10″ and has 28 pages. I love the bright colors in the book and the cute stories but even more, I like the moral of the stories. I have said it time and time again that I love stories and believe they are the basis of a good education but I LOVE books that pull double duty and don’t just tell a story but teach also. This book is full of whimsical stories and gorgeous illustrations. It contains ten short stories that use adorable animals and folktales to teach valuable moral lessons. The book is written by an award-winning author, Demi and I just LOVE what she created. As I read through each of these stories to my boys I would ask them what they thought would happen next and after they each told me what they thought we’d finish the story and read the moral and then we talked about what the moral of the story meant. Sometimes they got it right away other times we had to discuss it further but they loved the stories and they loved the Q & A time with mommy. For more information or to purchase the book visit

This is one of our favorite stories besides the one with the pandas 🙂

The Kite on a String

The kite on the string was bragging to a butterfly about how much higher he was and how much higher he could fly. The butterfly told him that it was true. The kite could fly higher than he could, however the butterfly could go any where it wanted whereas the kite was always attached to a string and controlled by the person holding the string.

pictures of kite on string

The moral of the story is:Moral of the story

My boys and I had a great conversation about what this means.  I love hearing their little voices understanding in depth ideas and life lessons such as this one. This book gets 5 stars from me and five more from each of my boys.  I just love the colors and illustrations as well.

Pages 8-9 from the book “The Pandas and Their Chopsticks – and Other Animal Stories”, written and illustrated by Demi

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