Mandarin Roll Cake Recipe

I was so excited that my in-laws and niece were coming up to send my birthday weekend with us and that my mother-in-law was bringing with her a couple of her famous recipes. I LOVE this Mandarin roll cake recipe that she makes. It is so delicious and light, not super sweet and heavy. mardarin roll close up


10 eggs

250 grams granulated sugar

300 grams flour

800 grams heavy cream

1 envelope vanilla sugar

1 packed cream cheese softened to room temperature

4 packets of Whip It stiffener

5 small cans of sugar free Mandarin Oranges

Shredded chocolate (make myself with almond bark)


1) Drain the cans of Mandarin Oranges (Preferably overnight) My mother-in-law drinks the juice 😎

2) Set oven at 200 degree’s Celsius (392 degrees Farenheit)

3) Crack 6 eggs into a bowl and then crack 4 more but add only the yolks to the same bowl with the other 6 eggs

4) Add sugar and mix on high 6-7 minutes

5) Add flour by folding it in

6) Place parchment paper down on 2 cookie sheets

7) Separate dough onto both cookie sheets and smooth out. You don’t want this very thick because you need to be able to roll it later and it will rise some as it bakes.

8) Sprinkle some shredded chocolate all over the cake dough on the cookie sheets

9) Bake the cakes until barely turning golden. You want to stay and watch the cakes. It won’t take even 10 minutes. You want to be very careful not to over bake or they will simply crack when trying to roll them up.

10) Remove promptly from the oven and flip carefully onto clean kitchen towels to cool.

11) Sprinkle the parchment paper with water after it cools some and carefully pull off the parchment paper.

12) Place softened cream cheese into mixer and start blending it to smooth it out and then add the heavy cream and mix it on high.

13) Once it starts to get light and fluffy add the Whip It Stiffener and continue whipping until stiffer.

14) Now you will spread this cream onto both cakes leaving some to smooth out over the outside of the Mandarin Orange rolls

15) Place the oranges over the tops of the cream on both cakes so you’ll get one in every bite and save some to line down the top of the outside of the roll.

mardarin roll close up

16) Roll up the cake lengthwise very slowly and carefully. Don’t press down or they will crack. This is when you really find out if you made the dough to thick 🙂 You can cover up any cracks with the left over cream.

17) Place the opening on the down side so the roll doesn’t open up.

18) Spread the left over cream on the top of the rolls then sprinkle with more chocolate and line mandarin oranges down the center basically far enough apart to slice the rolls and have an orange on every slice.

19) Keep the cakes refrigerated and enjoy!!

mandarin roll  slice


**NOTE: You could probably use dream whip and fat free or reduced fat milk to make this an even lower calorie cake but I haven’t tried it yet. This would be in place of the heavy cream and Whip it. You could also probably just add a tsp of vanilla instead of the vanilla sugar. If you do please let me know how it turns out and I’ll do the same.


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