Goodbye 2014 & Bring It On 2015

Whew, what an exhausting but eventful year 2014 has been. I honestly cannot believe another year has come and gone. So what was 2014 like in our little world?

We had Spring and Fall soccer for the boys divided by Soccer Camp over the summer.spring summer soccer 2014

Bike rides and walks on the bike path, but not nearly often enough.

bike ride

The “princess” turned 14 and in two short months will be 15! Meanwhile “big man” turned 7 with “little dude” always nipping at his heels turning 6 while the old lady of the family turned 22.

birthdaysMy little men have taken up Tae  Kwon-do this year and they enjoy it and I think it’s great! They have both earned their first stripe (yellow stripe) in the few months they have been doing it and Ryan will test for his yellow belt in January I believe.

taekwondo yellow stripe 2014Now that we have a nice driveway and a bike trail by the house I also have not one but two boys on two wheelers!! Good job boys!!

two boys on two wheelsThe “Princess” also decided to make a big change and chop off the hair she has been growing out her entire life. Seriously her hair grew extremely slow up until the last couple years. So it finally gets some length and what does she do?  Still adorable. 🙂

Princess chopped her hair offPrincess also went for a flight in an open cockpit PT-19 this summer. How awesome is that!

Princess flew in a PT-19What could she possibly do to top that, right? OK, I’ll tell you. She was baptized this year too!!

Princess baptized 2014There was also a lot of flying including a trip to AMA camp in Indiana for the “princess”.

flying 2014While the “princess” was flying in Indiana the boys and I went to visit family in Michigan.

Fun at grandma and papasI reluctantly joined Club 40 but it was totally against my will.

I joined club 40My husband tried to make it a little easier on my by taking the entire family on (my first every) cruise and it was absolutely amazing!! We really missed the family that couldn’t be there and enjoy it with us and I hope some day we can change that. 

Carnival cruise 2014We were able to get tickets to go to Christmas Train this year as well and it DID NOT disappoint. No wonder they sell like 50,000 tickets in a matter of minutes to hours! What a treat. One of the boys Tae Kwon-do instructors and church friend was dressed as a dude working the chuck wagon so we were able to get pics with him.

Christmas Train 2014Every year we get the boys pictures taken with “Santa” and like always I love them! Santa asked the boys if they were behaving this year or if they fought with each other. Ryker plead the fifth and then Santa said if they didn’t fight with each other then they would be the first brothers ever that didn’t and this is the picture of Rykers response, LOL!!

Santa pics 2014From our family to yours we hope your 2015 brings you amazing things and that you can always stop to enjoy “The Little Things” because they are gone way to fast. Enjoy every minute of every day in whatever you do. Blessings from our Family! <3

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