Chemicals Are Not Necessary for Cleaning. Many people already make their own “chemical-free” cleaners for their laundry and for basic cleaning but what about the carpets?

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There are a lot of pollutants in the home. A lot of these pollutants are from the outdoors. Dust, allergens, pollen, pet dander and other debris enters the home from people’s shoes, pets and the wind. However, these items tend to stay in the home, which makes the air in a home two to five times more pollutant than the outdoors. It’s difficult to get them out because they can get caught up in the air ducts, and they get trapped in carpet fibers.

However, another cause of air pollutants in the home are the chemicals used in particular cleaning products. Although they can make the home smell better and provide an excellent clean, the chemicals can fill the air or contaminate other surfaces or people. Everything is absorbed into the body when it touches the skin or is breathed in through the nose and the mouth. Chemicals create toxins in the body. Over time, these toxins make their appearance in the skin, make people fatigued and cause other problems.


There are natural cleaning products to explore. download

Some people believe that these cleaners are not as efficient as the ones that are filled with chemicals; however, there are green, carpet cleaners that thoroughly clean carpet fibers to free up pollutants and help to preserve the carpet. Moreover, chemicals are not left inside of the carpet so that when children and pets crawl or walk across the floor, nothing harmful is left on their skin. Explore green-cleaning methods for the entire house.

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