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The Clark parent threatens to sell their golden retriever, Pistachio, since twins Luke and Lucy don’t take care of her as they promised. As soon as their parents’ car is out of sight, Luke, Lucy and Pistachio go into the garage. Luke begins painting big white letters on a piece of dark cardboard: Parents for Sale. Watching her brother, Lucy grows impatient and stomps, saying, “Hurry up! Replace the sign as soon as possible. Otherwise, one of our neighbors will buy Pistachio.”

Three families come to buy, trade, or rent their parents without success. As soon as the twins sell their parents to the fairy orphan, she transforms into a witch who wishes to eat them in a stew. How will the twins save their parents?

My Review

This is definitely a story many parents can relate too. In our house this doesn’t happen because we don’t allow it too. Our children do take care of their dogs without an option of not doing it, but I know it happens. I know many parents work such long hours that the last thing they want to do is deal with that when they get home so re-homing dogs happens. I called my boys, 7 and 6, in to my room so I could read this story to them. I pulled the story up on my computer and the title immediately had my 7-year-olds attention and he told his brother what it said so he had to come and look too. He asked me, “Parents for sale, what does that mean”? The 7yr old sat by me immediately as I started reading as the younger one listened while playing with a paper airplane. As the story started to progress the 6 year old came over and sat down. He was now engrossed like his older brother. They both laughed in several sections as I read along.

The story begins as the description says above, “Luke & Lucy were about to lose their dogs because they weren’t taking care of her”. mad wet parents

As I read the story description and began reading the story I thought there was a great opportunity to teach children a lesson with this book but the ending wasn’t what I was thinking it would be. That said, it is still a super cute story if you don’t mind reading about witches and/or fairies to you kids. The story turned from the parents selling the dog to the children trying to sell their parents so they could keep their dog.

fairy of orphans and money

They thought they had finally found the perfect buyer with everything they wanted, when the story takes a huge turn for the worse and the families life was turned up side down. Next thing you know there is a witch involved that wants to eat them up. flying on the broom

The ending was not the lesson I was hoping for but it was a happily ever after ending with the exception of the witch. She did, however, live happily ever after in a different sort of way that you will have to find out for yourself.

  You can purchase this book on Amazon HERE for the Kindle price of $3.99 currently. 

I am a huge supporter of education and I believe that reading is really the basis of education. We read in the morning as part of the kids school work and read a bedtime story every night. My favorite books are those that teach while entertaining us with a story. Though this one didn’t teach a lesson it is really entertaining and my boys really enjoyed it.

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