FurBuddy Pet Grooming Kit Review

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Product Description

  • BEST ALL IN ONE GROOMING KIT ON THE MARKET: Excellent Grooming Results For ALL Small, Medium or Large Dogs & Cats that have Thin, Medium and Thick Coats or Sensitive Skin. Ideal for daily brushing of pets. Prevents matting and removes dead and shedding fur. Provides excellent grooming results in minutes with minimal effort.
  •  ERGONOMIC DURABLE DESIGN: Non-slip Handle and Ergonomic Design Provide a Gentle But Effective Way of Grooming Your Pet. This Grooming Kit Will Reduce Pet Hair in Your Household and Help Eliminate Mats & Hairballs. Your Pet Will Love Being Brushed. It’s The Best Pet Grooming Kit for Any Type of Dog or Cat.
  •  USED AND RECOMMENDED BY VETERINARIANS, GROOMERS AND PET PROFESSIONALS: This All in One Grooming Kit Comes Complete with Slicker Brush, Pin & Bristle Brush, Undercoat Rake/Dematting Tool. THE SLICKER BRUSH is Great for Removing Tangles, Dead Hair and Making the Coat Fluffy It’s Self Cleaning Action Extends the Brush Life and Makes Clean Up a Breeze. THE RAKE has Sharp Double-Sided Blades That Easily Remove Mats and Knots Without Damaging the Coat Length. Great for Shaping, Finishing, Thinning and De-Shedding. Creates the Look of Hand-Stripped Finish in Minutes. Finally THE BRISTLE PIN BRUSH Helps Remove Loose Hair and Tangles While the Bristles Side Removes Debris and Loose Hair and Redistributes the Natural Oils for a Healthier Shiny Coat.

My Review

We were anxious to receive this grooming kit because we have three dogs and always want the best for our dogs. 
IMG_5757We took everything out, read the information and got to work. We were most interested in the Undercoat Rake/Dematting Tool for Chewbacca. Her fur becomes a matted mess easily and we end up cutting it quite often because we can’t get it un-matted.  Here are the tools out of the package. IMG_5765 On the far left is the  Undercoat Rake/Dematting Tool, then in the top center is the Slicker Brush, top right is the Pin & Bristle Brush and below them all is the interchangeable handle. I do understand that concept but it is the b2e95f52557ebd4acf57f79e136584c1d827d55fone thing I really do not care for. I wish all three had their own handles. It’s easier when brushing them, in my opinion, to just grab the next brush and we store them on a peg board in the garage which is not possible without handles or a carrying bag. That said, we really do like the brushes.

The slicker brush and pin & bristle brush are nice for every day use and for use on our wire-haired terrier mix. The undercoat rake/Dematting tool is good for use our German Shepherd. It works well on Thor as an undercoat rake while it works really well on Chewbacca as a dematting tool.

We thought the ultimate test would be to give this a try on Chewbacca so I started up my video and then shortly after realized I had been to this on a time lapse. As you can tell from watching the video it is very time consuming work but it did work, didn’t hurt her and kept us from having to cut off matted fur. Sorry it is such a shaky video. That was my first attempt at a time lapse video and I can see I need some practice. Actually next time I will prop my phone up somewhere so it’s not moving around in my hand, however you get the idea. You can see the huge pile of dog fur we removed and this was just from one hind leg.


You can purchase your Furbuddy Grooming kit on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/furbuddy-pet-grooming-brush-type/dp/b00mpx32ci/?ie=utf8&m=a2o8zre7yk2l17&keywords=dog+brush for the sale price of $39.77 and now you even receive a coupon code for 50% off just enter coupon code: JQCRFPNN.  I give this grooming set 4 out of 5 stars because of the interchangeable handle I don’t care for but that is just my opinion. You may prefer one handle. 4 out of 5 stars

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