Homemade boat race fun

I am so glad my husband took some down time this Memorial weekend and spent some fun time with the kids. He is typically always doing something that “has to be done” right then. Well he took some time and built a homemade boat for himself and one for one of the boys. We had so much fun watching them that now the other two want to build their own as well.

This is my husband modeling his design, right before they went to the pond to race them. Yes, that is a tablecloth I used to make their sails. That was my contribution to their project. ­čśŤ

IMG_6888Here is my oldest son, Ryan, showing us his design right before the race. He really designed it just like he wanted. He wanted it to look like one of the boats the soldiers use to drive up to the shore and open up the front and go. He is my military loving kid. He draws military type pictures, plays military games, and he watches documentaries about past wars.┬áIMG_6932The race is on… who will be the winner. This was so much fun! I hope we have more weekends like this.

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