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Stop being ashamed to wear your favorite sandals and enjoy smooth, radiant feet once again!
It is downright embarrassing to walk around with tired, callused feet. They look dry, cracked, and worn out, and not only do they hurt physically, they are a bit of an eye sore.
So if you are a fan of sandals, open-toed shoes, or just smooth, radiant feet, then you need to pick up the iCare Callus Remover today and get back to feeling healthy and confident no matter what shoes you may be sporting.
A powerful, hand-held callus remover, the water-resistant iCare effortlessly removes dead skin and calluses without causing damage to the soft skin below. In fact, it is so great at its job, it removes excess skin and calluses up to four times faster than standard metal scrapers and pumice stones!
Both lightweight and durable, and boasting a convenient, ergonomic body for easy gripping and angling, the iCare is perfect for use at home, on the go, or even at work.
• Battery operated meaning no more messy wires or constant charging. 

• Four times more effective than traditional scrapers. 

• Powerful, high-speed motor easily removes the toughest dead skin. 

• Ergonomic body is lightweight and easy to use. 

• Water resistant body so it is easy to clean with the bonus brush! 

Stop working so hard just to maintain beautiful, healthy feet, and avoid the constant rubbing, scraping, and scrubbing associated with metal callus removers. The iCare Callus Remover is ideal for removing dead skin and calluses safely, easily, and without pain. Buy yours today and never worry about calluses again!

My Review

51I4aGr+V4LSo simple to use and it really works. As you can see in this picture the roller head just clicks in place and the battery compartment slides open and it uses only 2 AA batteries. Battery power means no cord to mess with and no limitations on where you can use it. It comes with 2 roller head one is coarser than the other, a little brush to clean it and a velvet back to keep it all together in. You can also clean it with water by removing the roller head and running it under water.

My right foot has had dry skin on it for years. I had one of my toe nails on that foot ripped off twice when I was a teenager and shortly after it grew back the 2nd time I noticed that I now had toe nail fungus. I tried all the over-the-counter medicines with out any success and had one doctor tell me to just have my toe nail removed because that was the best option. She said there was a medicine for it but it had a lot of possible side affects and that 0f27a582afb5c24b22368fde135acc2b8d28cd64it wasn’t worth the risk. This has now been probably 15-years-ago so thing may have changed. I haven’t spoken with a doctor about it since but I have always had really dry skin that will sometimes crack around my toes which is very painful. I started soaking my feet in hot water with tea tree oil and I see some improvement but with this product I see amazing improvement.

My little guys like to use it on my foot so who am I to deny them? 😀 (win-win) Now after I soak my foot for 30 minutes I dry my foot off and one of my littles or myself with use this and the results have been great. You can see it working right away as the IMG_7172dead skin cell particles fill the air and cover the roller head after one simple use. When I first used it I was thinking I wish it had more power but after reading it some more I read that it is made to not have too much power as to avoid injury. You don’t apply much pressure to it it’s just a matter of time and wearing away the dead skin cells slowly. This is not a one hit wonder but something you need to stick with and you will see results. I am a satisfied customer and so glad I took the opportunity to try out this electric pedicure device. I wear flip flops just about every day now. My toe nails are improving with the use of the tea tree oil and this device has smoothed out my skin so I am no longer embarrassed to show off my feet.

When you order it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and it also has a warranty that covers defective products for one year from the date of retail purchase. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper use, normal wear and tear or unauthorized modifications. You can choose from black, gold or white. Available for purchase on Amazon for $25.99prime shipping The only thing I wish this device had was a charging option so you can plug it in between uses to keep it charged and ready to go.

I give this product 4 out of 5 stars. 4 out of 5 starssimply for the lack of a charging cable but this is still a great device that does what it says and offers results.


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