Product Description

  • VERSATILE & RELIABLE : Ideal for hanging pictures or shelves as well as laying bricksSUITABLE FOR ALL : Used by professionals as well as households. Easy to use

    CAN BE USED AS RULER : Both standard and metric measurement printed on one side

    LIGHTWEIGHT : Lightweight, reliable and sturdy. Hole provided for hanging on wall for storage

    MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: No-Question-Asked full refund if you are not satisfied with the product

The HIGH QUALITY Level That Customers Love. Must-Have Tool For Every Household

Why The mysonder Level?

– It is a versatile tool that is an essential part of every household toolkit. Ideal for hanging pictures, shelves, decorative hangings as well as laying bricks or carpentry work 
– Its lightweight and sturdy design makes it easy to use 
– The level is well calibrated and aligned which makes it reliable 
– It is inexpensive and very affordable 
-The high quality material can withstand extensive use 
Product specifications 
Both Horizontal and Vertical levels 
Can be read from 360 degrees. 
Length : 24 inches 
Per Piece Weight : 0.7130 lb 
If you are unhappy with the product for whatever reason, we would offer you a Full Refund within the first 60 days of your purchase, without any questions. 

My Review

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This Mysonder plastic level review couldn’t have come at a better time. My husband keeps his tools in his shop and has recently purchased a small toolbox so I have the basics in the house when I need them. This was the perfect edition to my household tools. We had a couple projects that this came in pretty handy for.

My daughter just got back from Camp AMA and we needed to get her picture from last year finally hung up on the wall so we can get this years picture up sooner that last years. 🙂 She decided where she wanted it hung up so I grabbed my step stool, level, measuring tape, pencil, hammer and a nail. I measured between her door and her closet door and marked center on the wall level with the top of the molding.


Then I measured how low the hanger was on the back of the picture and marked it on the wall so when I hung it up it would be level with the top of the molding around the doors as my daughter requested. Now don’t laugh but my 15-year-old daughter took this next picture for me. I asked her to take the picture for this blog post. She was on her bed and obviously didn’t worry about taking a vertical picture. ugh!! Looks like I am on the Titanic.



I made sure the picture was level after I hung it up on the nail and I think it looks pretty spot on. 013

Here is a picture of the picture hung up on the wall and all nice and level with help from my new Mysonder #level. But that’s not all this came in handy for. We are also laying down patio blocks off the back patio giving us a bigger outdoor living space and it will eventually reach to the pool deck (our next project) so the kids don’t take dirt and grass in the pool every time they come in and out of the pool.

Meet the patio blocks.040

They are 15″x 15″ and heavy. So we tore out the grass and some dirt in the area where we ar034e beginning and then laid down some “weed paper” and then put down load after load of sand036. We tamped the sand down and then the real work began with a piece of wood used to level off the sand for each new block we laid.The level was used to make sure the  section was level in both directions and then the block was laid in place and a few gentle whack with a rubber mallet made any necassary adjustments.

I think it is looking pretty great so far but I will be so happy when it is all complete. It’s 95 degrees with a heat index of 100 pretty much every day now. With my son’s 8th birthday coming up Sunday wouldn’t you know the pool pump would die three days before. So, this entire morning was spent trying to find a new and affordable pump that I could have shipped next day to our house because all the local stores wanted way to much money for them. ((heavy sigh))042

035So much to do and so little time to get it done and before long school will be starting back up for the kids and I both and my husband needs one last class as well so he can graduate with his degree. Well back to work. Thank you Mysonder for a very helpful too. I give it 5 stars as it did everything it is supposed to do and it is reliable and lightweight and seems to be built very sturdy. It has worked great for me on two projects already. images (1)You can puchase your Mysonder 24″ level HERE and get a 20% discount!

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