Orblue Pizza Dough Docker Review

images (1)Orblue Pizza Dough Docker - Helps Cook Thin Crust Pizza More Uniformly - Prevents Pizza Dough From Blistering - Made From High-Impact Plastic - Easy To Operate - Great Addition To Your Gourmet Pizza Dough Tools (1-Pack)

Product Description

  • Pizza dough docker prevents dough blistering, resulting in a more enjoyable & tasty looking pizza
  • Pastry roller made from sturdy, high-impact plastic so it’s built to provide a lifetime of use
  • Press helps minimize dough from rising, resulting in a more consistently even rising pizza crust
  • Our pizza making tool is easy to use – Just press & roll across entire area once on both sides
  • Make mouth-watering pizzas every time – It’s a great addition to your pizza restaurant supplies

My Review

dough docker

You might be asking, “What in the world is a #doughdocker and what is it used for?”. Well, they are used when making crackers, cracker style crusts and some pizza dough crusts as well. A dough docker is used to help prevent air bubbles in the dough to create uniform and level crackers or crusts. If you buy some of the pre-made, pre-baked pizza crusts at the store you may notice all the little holes throughout the dough and that is thanks to the dough docker. Also if you look at the bottom of those frozen pizza crusts, most of them have been docked and Papa Johns, I believe, also uses a dough docker on their pizza crust.


My daughter, 15, is a baker. She loves baking muffins, breads, homemade pizza and more. I knew she would appreciate this one and has been doing double the baking lately so she can play with our new tools. It really does work too. She has made homemade pizza twice already and the dough has come out very uniform throughout. If you have a uniform crust there won’t be uncooked/cooked parts and we haven’t had any bubble issues. She also did it while make bread sticks and it worked very nicely for that as well.

This product is available for purchase on Amazon for $9.87 prime shipping

We gave this product 4/5 stars. It’s lacking one star because we have had one tooth break on it. It hasn’t, however, impacted how the dough docker works. 4 out of 5 stars


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