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All Natural Organic Pest Repeller By Eco Defense. Pest & Animal Repeller – Naturally Repels Deer, Squirrels, Rats, Rabbits, Moles, Gophers, & Other Pests Naturally – Scent and Taste Deterrent 

Features and Benefits:

  • NATURALLY ELIMINATE PESTS FOR GOOD – All Natural Organic formula safely repels pests both in your home and around your house. Does not contain foul smelling ingredients typically used in “Natural” repellent products. Sprays easily and does not leave behind smells or residue.REPELS ALL KINDS OF PESTS – Specifically formulated to repel all types of pests including; Rats, Rabbits, Deer, Moles, Gophers, Squirrels, Raccoon’s, Bats, Chipmunks, Birds, and many others causing problems to your home and property. Eco Defense is the most Natural and effective Pest & Animal Repellent on the market.USE ANYWHERE – Can be used both indoors and outdoors. Safely spray in cupboards, attics, basements or anywhere pests may be invading your home. Can be diluted to last twice as long or sprayed directly in problem areas containing heavy infestations. Use Outdoors anywhere around your yard and home to keep pests out. 

    ECO-FRIENDLY AND SAFE – No harsh chemicals, traps, or poisons used here. Keeps pests away without having cleaning up trapped and poisoned rodents. Eco Defense can be sprayed in all areas of your home and without worry. Eco Defense uses 100% Natural & Organic Pest Control Ingredients that are safe for you and your family. Can even be sprayed directly on vegetation without harming your plants or your body. Finally keep rabbits, moles, and deer out of your garden for good.

My Review003e

I am an organic gardener and don’t want to put chemicals on the food that I will be feeding my family and myself. I do, however, have a problem with rabbits (I believe) eating my pepper plants. I grow my own plants from seed and transfer them outside and last year and again this year they were being bitten off on their main stem and the leaves as well. I did some more research on line and wanted to try something different this year before my plants were all ruined. This is one of the products I have tried because I like that it has all natural ingredients that won’007et kill or harm any animals but will keep them from munching on my peppers.

It says this spray can be used anywhere (inside and out) however I wouldn’t go crazy with it on tile floors for example because it’s main ingredient is castor oil so you don’t want any slips or mishaps though it does say it doesn’t leave any residue behind. I only wanted this for spraying around the outside of my home and mainly for my garden. I like that there isn’t a crazy strong smell to it either. You can spray it around or directly on your plants because it is a scent and taste deterrent. I have another product I tried but it contains things like animal blood and really has strong odor to it.

015e014eThough using a biological control method like this doesn’t totally kill off any invading species it has it’s benefits like not damaging your soil, not harming other species like pesticides do, and keeping your food organic and not harming the wildlife just keeping it away. Castor oil has been frequently ingested for its use as a laxative & also used in the production of many skin/hair care products. It has also been used as a garden pest deterrent, applied directly to soil, grass and plants. 016e

You can buy this product HERE on Amazon for $23.99prime shippingfor a 32 oz. ultra concentrated bottle. The solution can also be diluted for increased use or used full strength in problem areas.

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11 Responses so far.

  1. Great review Valerie! I love using something organic as pest-control, and my favorite is peppermint! Works every time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I make my own organic pest repellent using essential oils. its a much safer and effective choice.
    Jody Lawrence recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  3. My wife and I are having some issues with pests destroying or garden and we aren’t sure how to stop them. This organic pest control though sounds like a good way to go. We will be sure to find some like this and not use it in our home to avoid slips, but will use it in our garden.

  4. larissa says:

    Great review! Thank you for adding all the information that you did, I can’t wait to try this and see how well it works. Thanks fo sharing!

  5. Hi Valerie, Love your article and its better to use organic pest terminator instead using harmful chemical in that way the safeness of the children are surely secured.
    Norman Martin recently posted..Hey Guys, We Are Launching Very Soon!My Profile

  6. Hi Valerie, Love your article and its better to use organic pest terminator instead using harmful chemical in that way the safeness of the children are surely secured. Thanks.
    Norman Martin recently posted..Hey Guys, We Are Launching Very Soon!My Profile

  7. Richard Carr says:

    What a eco-friendly pest repellent. By using this organic pest exterminator I can secure the safeness of my family…

    Thanks Valerie, you made excellent page.
    Richard Carr recently posted..Hey Guys, We Are Launching Very Soon!My Profile

  8. Brian says:

    Great post! Glad to see an organic way to get rid of pests out there. Thanks for your review.
    Brian recently posted..powderpost beetles in cedar fenceMy Profile

  9. Hey Dear!

    This is a great post. I agree with you that the organic pest control method is much better than the chemical pest control methods.

    Organic pest control methods involves the use of natural mechanisms such as natural predation, parasitism, and herbivory to control and eradicate pests such as insects and mites, and plant troubles such as weeds and aphids.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    You are doing great work. keep it up 🙂
    Warm Regards
    Joel C. White

  10. Diana Butler says:

    Organic pest repellent is the best option to termite any kind of pest that ruins your day. LOL!
    Diana Butler recently posted..What happens to Termites during winterMy Profile

  11. I like how you endorse a pest-repellant for birds and other friendly animals that can be pests sometimes. I like that you mentioned that this is an eco-friendly and safe product. My wife and I plan to purchase something like this, but if this gets troublesome, I will need to contact bird control services to make sure.

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