60×80″ Picnic blanket

Product Description

27b7b7a7c2c18f4bc98bbb7d2ff06d164503b7bfThis picnic blanket is extra large and lightweight which makes it great for traveling and going outdoors.

Here’s what makes this picnic blanket better than other outdoor blankets:

✔ Easy-to-Fold, Easy-to-Carry, folds down to size of a purse – folded measures 10 inches
✔ Extra large size unfolded measures 60 inches & extra lightweight 1.3 pounds (weight of a loaf of bread)
✔ 100% soft cotton fleece which won’t irritate your skin and will provide hours of comfort
✔ Waterproof cushioned backing prevents you from getting wet from damp lawns or surfaces and provides extra sitting comfort

My review

What a great idea! As parents of very busy children this is a great product idea. It was a smart idea to add a waterproof barrier on the bottom of a soft fleece picnic blanket. You lay this down waterproof side down to block out moisture or dew on the grass or wet seats while you enjoy the soft fleece side to sit down on. The fleece is very soft and a joy to lay on while outside enjoying a picnic or watching children play at sporting events or having a picnic. There are so many times that we head out early to the kids soccer games and the grass is still wet so sitting on the ground was not an option for the little ones that don’t want to sit in a chair or on their parents lap. This is the solution for times like these.

7db9a95b3fe553b336632cc9240332703bdb8929I really like the idea of a such a large picnic blanket to tote to sporting events for the little ones to sit on while the big ones are competing. it has it’s own built in handle you can see in the picture here. You and your children can stay out of the dirt and can play together, have a picnic or even nap on and it rolls up so nicely and easily and stays closed with a velcro strip. It works great to keep moisture off of yourself and your family when the ground is we. We have used this picnic blanket many times already for a picnic in the backyard and at soccer camp this week.

I did have a couple issues I must mention which one is the hand-wash only issue which for some might not be too bigc5a837dc94a5df666deb7ce4fe345f36f6943de3 of a problem but when you have multiple children and a very busy schedule this is a bit of a hassle. The other bigger issue I had was the heat here in Oklahoma seemed to be too much for the backing on this picnic blanket. Our heat index was in the low 100’s this week and the backing seems to have stuck to itself in the back of my minivan so when I pulled it out and opened it up it tore in one spot away from the fleece material. As far as I know this has only been a problem so me with the extreme temperatures we have had. I didn’t see any other people having such a problem with the reviews on Amazon. This may have just been an issue with this particular blanket as well.

I do think this is a great product idea and I love the idea of a waterproof backing on a picnic blanket for my future sporting events with my children. Plus this can be used in colder weather too but in reverse. The waterproof backing faces out to block wind and cold weather while you wrap the fleece inside around yourself to stay warm. I think that would also be a great tool when the fall soccer season starts up and the temperatures drop.

With the particular issues I had I have to rate this picnic blanket a 3 out of 5 star rating which means it’s okay and with some improvements this is an AWESOME idea! download

This Extra Large Picnic blanket is available on Amazon HERE for $34.99prime shipping

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