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Product Description

Scratch-free, lint-free and swirl-free.
Elastic wrist band allows you to wear the glove comfortable and use conveniently.
Features 2 distinct cleaning surfaces: chenille(coral-like corduroy) + microfiber car washing towel.
Absorbs higher amounts of water than a sheepskin mitts – Removes wax dust(Mitt easily releases dirt when rinsed).
Use wet for washing, dry for dusting; Safe for cleaning all surfaces including PDS, LCD screens, auto dashes.


My Review

tops of both mittsI received this #CarWashMitt 2 pack from Alaska Bear to review and I have to tell you there is a difference between one car wash mitt and another.  They are superior to anything I have ever use. I received these car wash mitts in a plastic opaque box pictured above. There were two mitts inside: one orange and one blue. They are very soft and I love the elastic wrist bands to keep them off the ground while you are washing your vehicles. The tops of both are the same but the backs are different so they can be used for different situations.

Here is a close up of the orange mitt but the blue mitt is the same on the top. Where they differ is on their backs.close up of top orange

The orange mitt has a nylon mesh material on the back that makes it great for scubbing things like sap and bug guts off of your vehicle. close up back of orange

The blue mitt has a microfiber type back that makes is soft and perfect for doing things like dusting. close up back of blue

the testWe put these to the test while my in-laws were in town. Secretly my daughter went outside and washed my father-in-laws truck, which was in dire need of a bath. Here are the tools she put to use. Hands down she said this two pack of mitts were the clear winners and I couldn’t agree more. I used them on my Toyota Sienna Swagger Wagon. You can see in this picture they greatly outsize the competition. The blue scrubby on the left is actually a sponge with a similar type of material but as you can see the mitts are a lot bigger so more efficient. The regular sponge wasn’t very good at anything, especially removing bug guts. The brush is too hard to use on the car so it can only be used on the tires and wheels. The squeegy is nice for removing water from the windows after they are cleaned but not really that good at cleaning the windows. The Orange mitt with the nylon mesh back did a better job of scrubbing the windows clean.  Here is my father-in-laws truck after the wash. FIL truck

We both declare the #carwashmitts from Alaska Bear are the clear winners, hands down. We give them both 5 out of 5 stars.images (1)

This 2 pack of car wash mitts is available on Amazon for $12.99 prime shipping

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