Product Description

-EXTREMELY BRIGHT 500 Lumens Bike Headlight 
– Universal easy On easy Off Fitment.
-UNIQUE FLAT BEAM TECHNOLOGY – City Shark 500 has ONE OF A KIND flat shape beam pattern – Drivers of oncoming traffic or other pedestrians around you will thank you for not blinding them!
-USB RECHARGEABLE BIKE LED LIGHT with Four different working modes: High – 500 Lumens – 1.5 Hours  
Medium – 250 Lumens – 3 Hours, Low – 50 Lumens – 15 Hours, Flash – 30+ hours!
Water resistant, could be used in the rain.
Available in 2 Colours. Blue and Silver. 

My Review

I created a video review for this bicycle headlight and taillight set because it is just so far superior to many of the current options out there. We ride out bikes together as a family a lot and we all have them pretty well equipped with water bottles/holders, bags, carrying racks, headlights/taillights and reflectors. In Oklahoma it gets so hot during the summer months bike riding is usually done early or later in the day so bike lights are a must have. Watch my video review comparing one of our previous other brand headlights compared to the #CycleTorch Shark 500. The Cycle Torch Shark 500 is a hands down winner. I love the rechargeable feature that saves so much money on batteries as well as keeping them out of the landfill. The easy attachment feature makes quick work of recharging them and using them on camping trips as a flashlight after a long day of biking. This product is also waterproof if you get caught out in the rain but do not intentionally submerge it in water. When you charge your device you plug it in the switch lights up and when it turns blue the charge is complete and you remove the USB cable. On high the light can run for about 1.5hours, while on medium it run about 3 hours and on low it will run for about 15 hours. The light on high mode is approx. 500 lumens, medium is approx. 250 lumens and low is approx. 50 lumens. The switch light will glow red when the battery level is low and the light will automatically urn off when the battery level is too low (to protects the battery from damage). The expected LED lifespan is 50,000 hours.

They have a one-year warranty under normal use for any quality related problems and a lifetime limited warranty. Under the lifetime limited warranty the company will provide paid service after the initial one year warranty. The cost is for the actual replacement part without any additional labor fees!

The Cycle Torch Shark 500 receives 5 out of 5 stars from all of us!5 stars


You can purchase your Cycle Torch Shark 500 on Amazon Here for sale currently at $39.99prime shipping


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