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Dana SibilskyI was asked to check out a website created by Dana Sibilisky. She is actually a Psychiatrist with 20+ years experience but she is also an artist and a blogger. The website is pretty easy to navigate with heading for different types of art like: “Contemporary“, “Postmodern“, and “modern” art. She defines what each type of art is.

One thing I find really neat about her is that she also has a “Submissions” heading. This submissions is about submitting your artwork to her for her feedback. She scrutinizes established artists whose work is immediately recognizable and up-and-coming artists who are in search of a foothold in the art world. She accepts submissions from any genre of art. She receives a high volume of submissions making it very difficult for her to personally evaluate each piece and to provide individualized feedback, but that’s exactly what she does. Since this can be a long process there isn’t a time line on when it will be completed but you can rest assured that it will be.

Dana-sibilskys-bookThere are a couple other heading your can choose but the “contact” header doesn’t seem to currently be up and running. Last but not least is the “My book” heading about the book she just finished, “Dana Sibilsky’s Tips to Successful and Profitable Blogging”. This book was written by Sibilsky to help others turn their hobby-blog into a full-time, profitable job like she did. You can buy it on Amazon HERE as either a paperback or kindle download or on Createspace HERE. I just purchased this book but haven’t started reading it yet but it has me excited. This is the book description, “ Dana Sibilsky suggests that blogging has moved from a pastime to profession for many people. The sheer amount of effort required to create and maintain a profitable blog these days has caused many people to make it a full-time job, but the bar of entry is staggering. Tricks of the trade have transformed this hobby into something akin to marketing; a combination art form and science requiring intense study and insight. Sibilsky boils down blogging into terms that anyone can understand.” 

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  • Print Length: 45 pages

On her website she talks about how to sell your artwork. She states that as an artist you are an artist not a salesperson so that is typically a big part of the problem but she talks about how to overcome that and how to sell online, in person at events, finding your target customers, She also talks about staying true to your style and letting the customers that like your style come to you instead of trying to change for different potential buyers. She talks about different tools of the trade for visual artists like Adobe photoshop, GIMP and more.

She has some very deep articles also on her website like, “LIFE AS A HUMAN – DANA SIBILSKY: THE THINGS THAT DEFINE US“. I think Dana Sibilsky has a wealth of knowledge on her website in addition to her submissions option that lets you submit artwork to receive her constructive criticism to help you further your career as an artist. I wish there were headers that let you select different types of artwork Dana Sibilisky has completed herself. I would LOVE to see some of her actual work but other than that I really enjoyed my time spent of this website. You can find out more about her and her work on these social media sites below.





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