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MeasuproAll the information you need at your fingertips! The MeasuPro Wireless Bicycle Computer will you provide you with all the readings you need to track cycling results and improve your bike trips. With its built in speedometer, timer, odometer and calorie tracker this compact unit is nothing short of awesome, and operating it is as simple as can be. Now you can clearly see your speed, time, distance, and calories burned. Data can be displayed by current or total calculations. It also measures cadence so you can know exactly how you are spinning! When you spin with this Wireless Bike Computer you can take advantage of all of its features including a built in 5. KHz heart rate monitor that’s is programmable for min/max heart rate within four alert sets. This cyclocomputer will alert you if your heart rate rises above your desired setting and will also calculate your max and average speed and distance. You can then choose to display the data as current, maximum, or average. All these features coupled with MeasuPro’s excellent customer service and two-year warranty make it one of the best bike on the market. Take your cycling to the next level and start living intelligently.

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This #Measupro bicycle computer came with perfect timing for our family. We just recently purchased his and her’s bicycles so we could all go bike riding together as a family. The kids have always had bikes but not us. We have been taking rides into town to the city park/splash pad and out of town into the country and even down to the next town to their library that has a path off the bike trail right too it.

heart monitor strapMy husband was really excited about the chance to review this product so I had to keep a hand on it until I had it installed onto my bike. I love all the features this computer offers, especially the heart rate monitor.The strap you wear isn’t to bothersome either though it could have easier attachments. The sensors are inside the rubber part and should go across your chest. Some say it works best if it’s moistened a little first but I didn’t have any problems with using mine without. The strap is size adjustable as well. As soon as I put it on the computer started to read my heart rate.

The computer comes needing some set up information. You set the clock, units of measure, male or female, age, wheel size (which is confusing) and more. The computer itself if easy to use once it is set up and can be changed to current readings, average readings or maximum. I do have to say, however, the instructions need a MAJOR revamping. They are not user friendly at all and very confusing. I had to spend some time on the computer to figure out what exactly they wanted me to add in for my wheel size. It’s not as simple as saying I have a 26″wheel.

I love being able to monitor my heart rate as well as our bicycling information like our longest bike rides or current or our current or max speeds. The calorie tracker is also an awesome bonus. The screen has a back-light making it easier to read when you push a button. Being water resistant is a nice peace of mind if you get caught out in a sprinkle or are going cross country (you never know what you’ll encounter). This computer is motivational and makes biking even more exciting as we try to beat our records over and over again. It also helps us track our activities each week. Not having to mess with any wires makes this super simple to install (once you figure out what it’s asking you) and even easier to use.

This product was a little harder for me to settle on with the stars. I love everything about this bicycle computer except for the instructions (they are really bad) and the zip tie attachments. On one hand I think well that’s easy enough to fix it there is ever a problem but on the other hand I think about a nicer attachment device to secure it all in place but I haven’t had any problems to date. For these two reasons alone I had to remove one of the stars. However, I know we will get tons and tons of use and enjoyment from this bicycle computer.

We give this product 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5 stars

Where to buy: ​ on sale now for $34.99prime shipping

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