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Product Description

  • 75 bright colored pieces, 30 Mega Marbles
    Dozens of variations that allows for hours of creative play
    Includes instructions
    Helps develop spacial skills and hand-eye coordination through building
    Marble runs are a true and tested toy that allows for creative play as children and adults create their own marble run maze. The colorful pieces help stimulate the brain as kids use their creativity to create endless designs. This type of building helps develop spacial skills and problem solving. Your kids will enjoy hours of fun creative play with this Marble Fun Run.

My Review

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My boys, 6 and 8, were very excited when this package arrived. This set comes with 75 pieces and 30 marbles!! I am so glad it came with so many marbles because even though I gave them a container to keep their marbles in and told them to count and make sure there are 30 every time, I know some will end up magically disappearing. Everything comes ready to go except the piece that has the windmill looking piece on it.  It is really easy to put together. It’s kind of like a spur on cowboy boots but you do have to make sure you position it in the center of the downward slope or you may end up with marbles getting stuck. It’s a super easy snap it place assembly process and you are ready to start playing. As you can see above the pieces are very colorful. The colors in our set don’t match those from the set they built exactly but the types of pieces are all the same.

056eMy 6-year-old wasn’t content just building his own design. He wanted to make a huge one exactly like the one on the box so we sat down and began. As we started assembling the huge marble run piece-by-piece I thought they must have used a couple sets to make this huge and dynamic marble run pictured on the front of the box. You know how the burger on the commercial NEVER looks like the one you actually get when you go buy one that’s what I was thinking we were dealing with but we kept assembling piece-by-piece.

I will have you know that there was absolutely NO false advertising there. We were able to build the exact same monstrous marble run that is pictured on the front of their box! I am telling you that you and your kids can build amazing marble runs with this 105 piece set. The first time we used it there were a couple pieces that were harder to put together but that was only a couple out of the 105 and we didn’t have any problems after that initial time using it.

With all the rain we have had in this strange summer in Oklahoma this set has given my boys another fun activity to pass the time they are inside. I like that it helps them grow their imagination and helps them with logical thinking. They have to make a plan and then alter it when what they are building won’t stand up by itself and they have to add more supports, etc. I think marble runs like this are great toys for children.

We give this Mega Fun Marble Fun Run set 5 out of 5 star5 starsEverything worked like it was supposed to and we were able to build the same picture as on the box and my son had a great time with it!

This set is available for purchase on Amazon for $33.95prime shipping

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