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134LATEST DESIGN MANUAL SALT & PEPPER GRINDER SET – This Latest Sleek Design 2 in 1 Grinder model is Extremely Durable and uses only High Quality Stainless Steel and Ceramic Stone Components. Easy to Clean and Comes with Airtight Steel End Caps.

UNIQUE CERAMIC BURR CORE GRINDING MECHANISM – Newly Re-Designed Ceramic Stone Burr Grinding Cores at Both ends, which Never Rust and Easily Adjust.

CONSISTENT GRINDING – Fully Adjustable Grinding Mechanisms ensures a consistent grind size ranging from Coarse for Sea Salt & Pepper to very fine for Cloves etc.

UNIQUE 2 in 1 ACRYLLIC VIEWING CHAMBER -Sleek Food Grade Acrylic Makes for Easy Viewing and Ensures Safety and Durability.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Purchase with Full Confidence that in the Unlikely Event of Dissatisfaction you can receive a Full Refund.

This Premium Quality Manual Salt ,Pepper and Spice Grinder from The Salt & Pepper Grinder Company produces superb results for a fraction of the price of other more expensive models and with arguably far superior results !

What makes this manual Salt & Pepper and Spice Grinder So Amazingly good is its Sophisticated Good Looks and the Premium Quality materials used and Flexibility of grinding adjustment which is simply not available in many other Grinders sold today :

• The grinding mechanism is made from high quality Stainless Steel parts and a Unique Design of Ceramic Grinding Burrs

• To adjust the Coarseness of the Grind simply twist and lock the adjustment assembly which in turn moves the Ceramic burrs either closer together or further apart….this acts more like a Pestle & Mortar by crushing the Spice between 2 rigid Conical Shaped Ceramic Stone Burrs and ensures all the flavour and character of the Spice is released.

• The use of Ceramic Stone Burrs, as opposed to steel, ensures that the Grinder will operate reliably for many years . Ceramic materials are highly durable and do not rust

• The Grinder is easily washable using warm Water and mild detergent.

• Sophisticated Space Saving Design – looks Elegant in any Table Setting.

My Review

I think this 2 in 1 Salt & Pepper grinder is beautiful. It’s very sleek and easy to hold, as well as easy to use. As you will see in my video below it is really easy to open, fill and use and the caps on the ends make sure your cabinet and table will stay clean. The body of the shaker is acrylic but it feels like glass and looks beautiful. The two compartments hold a lot as well so you won’t have to refill this grinder very often. It’s really easy to adjust the coarseness settings as well. I love the stainless steel caps on the ends that complete the look and keep any salt and pepper inside the grinder and not inside your cabinets or on your table. This beautiful shaker would be a great addition in anyone’s kitchen! Simply unscrew the ends and fill with your favorite salt and pepper and reapply the ends. When you are ready to use remove the protective caps and either turn the end one way or back and forth.


I think this is a steal of a deal on Amazon HERE for only $19.99 prime shipping

I definitely give this product five out of five stars!!5 stars

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