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Precision tweezers for quick and easy hair removal

Our Bundle contains Slant, Straight and Pointed Tip Tweezers hand-crafted from non-corrosive high quality stainless steel with matte paint for best grip. The ultimate tweezers with perfect alignment for superior performance and precision. Extremely elegant Leather Cover ideal for storage, travel and keep the tweezers clean.

Tweezers set Complete Bundle Features

         1. Gold Slat Tip – Grip the hair the first time and every time
         2. Purple Straight Tip – Perfect precision that is excellent for fine hair removal
         3. Silver Point Tip – Excellent for handling ingrown hair, removing splinters and other delicate grasping tasks
  • B. BEST HANDLING – Featherweight design – perfect dimension (3.74″) and weight (10 g)
  • C. VERY GOOD GRIP – They are made from stainless steel with matte finish paint
  • D. PERFECTLY ALIGNED AND VERY SHARP – Made from 2 pieces for best alignment and with manually polished tips
  • E. PACKAGED IN A PROTECTIVE AND CONVENIENT LEATHER COVER – You can take them anywhere. This way, your tweezers will last for years. It is also great for travel.

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IMG_6991This is a really nice set with it’s own carrying case that keeps them clean and protected and right where they are supposed to be when you need them.  This set includes three different tweezers of different colors with different purposes: slanted, straight and pointed. The silver are pointed, the gold are slanted while the purple have the straight edge.

This tweezers set is perfect for men and for women and makes a great gift in it’s leather storage case.  I can tell that these are high quality tweezers that are very lightweight and made form non-corrosive tempered stainless steel with a matte(nonslip) finish. Not only that but they are made to be anti-magnetic and anti-static. Inside their box, this is how they arrive. Protected with a hard plastic and they each have a band around the tips protecting them as well. IMG_6989

1589123ca3978ce29a91fa38a04300ecac478891They work great for sensitive areas like removing ingrown hairs and splinters. They are so precise you don’t have to make deep skin wounds in an attempt to remove hairs or splinters.

You can earn free shipping even if you aren’t a Prime member by purchasing 3 or more. Grooming District offers a LIFETIME GUARANTEE AND MONEY BACK!!! They stand behind their beauty tools and guarantee their performance. If you don’t like them for any reason they will give a full refund NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


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