Vivree Kitchen Tongs Review

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  • 83d25d1abf3b5a15eab27d576e55305e4321a67f– Premium Tuner Tongs – These High Quality Turner Tongs with 100% FDA grade BPA free silicone tips provide greater safety and protect you against contaminating foods. Ideal Kitchen Tongs for a variety of foods, including serving and cooking foods such as salad, grilled foods, pastas, fruits and much more.– Equipped with a new Pull-Ring technology keeping them from opening and closing at the wrong time facilitating control while using them making them easy to use and allowing storage with other Kitchen utensils.– Heat Resistant and Non-Removable Silicone Tips – Superior Quality Silicone Tongs are completely heat resistant to 480ºF, giving you peace of mind that the silicone will not melt and contaminate the food.– 403 Stainless Steel Handles – Ergonomic Handles with soft pads allow safe handling of food without the risk of them bending, breaking or rusting. Dishwasher safe facilitating your day-to-day to give you easy cleaning. – 100% Guarantee – If you have any problems FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE PRODUCT, we will refund your order in full PLUS supply a new item. Add to cart now because you literally risk nothing.

My Review


046eI received this package in the mail stating that it is high quality silicone they use and there are two #kitchentongs enclosed. One is 9″ while the other is 12″.  Very importantly the silicone tips are 100% FDA grade and BPA free and can handle extreme temperatures so you don’t have to worry about them melting and contaminating your food plus…they are dishwasher safe!! They have stainless steel handles with soft silicone pad inserts so they are comfortable use and a breeze to clean. These will last forever and come with a 100% guarantee for the LIFETIME of the product so there is simply NOTHING to lose! I have tossed my old clunkers as I am a new believer. These are really great. The silicone tips grab and hold onto whatever you are picking up and hold it securely as well as gentle. The silicone holds it in place while also being more gentle than stainless steel. I used these when I was making my fried apple pies and there held each fried pie securely but were gentle enough not to crack them open. Plus I love their new technology on how they are held together and released. Again this is so much better than my old ones, which will not be missed. I love their red color which matches my kitchen color scheme but they are also available in black. The price as you can see below is amazing so this would be a GREAT gift for yourself, a loved one, a housewarming gift, wedding shower gift and more!!

I give these super comfortable, gentle yet firm, easy to use silicone kitchen tongs 5/5 stars.5 stars


They are available for purchase on Amazon right now for only $14.95prime shipping (YES, that’s for the double set with a lifetime guarantee!!) disclosure statement

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