I love my neighbors

They are always sharing their goods. I live on a dead end road with 6 other families and most of them garden. The 014neighbor right across the road from me has been my gardening mentor. They have taught me TONS!! She is also super crafty and they are both amazing in the kitchen so our bellies have been equally blessed by their creations and they built me a bench from my son’s crib. <3 The people that live behind them in a different neighborhood have a 28 year-old-son that also gardens and we all share the wealth. This young man and his family have this AMAZING apple “bush” in their front yard. OK, it’s really a tree but it’s some sort of mix that they aren’t sure of but it looks like a giant apple bush with apples from the top to the ground. IT IS AWESOME!! I came home with a tote and a half full of these apples and that didn’t even put a dent into what they had on the tree. I was knee deep in apples for the entire Fourth of July weekend and then some but I was able to make and can so much yummy goodness I would do it again if they let me. 😀

PicMonkey CollageI tried, for the first time ever, making fried apple pies. Let me just tell you they were totally to-die-for delicious! I have some in the freezer and plan on making more with the last few handfuls I have left.


I also canned up some quarts of apple sauce, and some half pints of apple butter and some pints of apple pie filling. I am so excited with the way my pantry is filling up already. I love gardening and I love my giving neighbors. I also received a bunch of plums from my gardening mentor neighbor so I made up several half pints and pints of plum jelly too.081

Another amazing family that just lives next door to them garden as well and have been blessed enough to take several trips to visit their family throughout the year and my teenager, animal-loving daughter is their dog sitter of choice when they are gone. This made my daughter very happy since she lost her doggy care job when we moved up here so this is her new very. part-time job that she loves. I get the perk of being able to raid their garden when they are on said vacations…bonus!! 😀 Her hubby is so crafty they have the garden set up with a sprinkler system that is set up on a timer so she doesn’t have to even worry about watering the garden….lucky lady;-)

I am thoroughly blessed <3


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