GOMA SQUID Flexible Tripod Review

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Improve the quality of your photos and expand the creative boundaries of your camera with this excellent tool. Our Flexible tripod is an ideal tool for many situations:•Travel like a pro: take a lightweight tripod that holds tightly to many surfaces and helps you getting portraits in difficult places. Grip it into fences, pipes, handles, etc. Stand it in any coffee shop, bar, shelf, etc. Fits in any handbag or purse and weighs next to nothing.
• A smaller, lighter selfie stick: put the legs in their longest position and achieve the selfie look for pictures on the go anywhere. Take selfies, high angle shots, or rig your camera from virtually anywhere to get your desired shots and video footage. • Get timelapses: Phone and Gopro timelapses are so popular and incredibly beautiful. Achieve any of these using our lightweight and yet sturdy tripod. The options are simply boundless. This tripod will become an indispensable tool for any photographer or camera aficionado!
What you get: 1 SQUID flexible tripod, 1 universal camera thread base mount, 1 universal smartphone adapter, 1 universal gopro adapter, everybody’s favorite everybody’s favorite 100% money-back lifetime guarantee and our world-class customer service.

Some technical details:
Max height: 7in with fully expanded legs
Max Load:0.6 lbs.
Phone adapter opening range: 2.1-3.3 inches (55-85mm)
Tripod weight: 0.12 lbs

My Review

I have already and will continue to get SO MUCH done with this awesome flexible Tripod. I know my family appreciates me not asking them for help when I am one hand short when I am creating my reviews plus this will be perfect for my college classes!! Seriously, I have used this to create several video’s since I received it and I will use it in the future for more videos for my blog, my classes and with my family as well. <3 How many times have you ever wished you had one more hand? If you are like me that has happened a ton of times and this has been the solution to that problem for me. This isn’t just a tripod either. It is flexible so you can use it just about any where.

I thought a video demonstration of it’s abilities would be easier than trying to explain it.

As you can see, it’s super easy to use and so flexible you can use it anywhere. The legs that can be contorted and the rotating head make it possible to get that perfect angle you are looking for.

This has been such a time saving, stress reducing device. I give it five out of five stars!

5 stars

You can purchase your own GOMA Squid Tripod on Amazon at this link: http://www.amazon.com/Flexible-tripod-smartphone-camera-GOMA/dp/B00WUY2IH2 for the GREAT price of only $14.99prime shippingdisclosure statement

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