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 Make your indoor plant propagation more successful with the right tools

The Lumanux Seedling Heat Mat increases growing success by warming plant roots and maintaining a controlled temperature all season long.
With the ability to warm 10-20°F over ambient temperature, this heat mat will work even in drafty places.


-Increases success of seedlings and cuttings
-Warms root area 10-20°F over ambient temperature to improve germination
-Light, watering, and planting information on mat
-Can be placed in many different sizes of seedling bowl and trays.
-High Quality, Durable, Waterproof construction
-6 foot 110V power cord
Studies have proven that plants with a root zone that is kept warm thrive and propagate at a much faster rate than plants that do not. Simply place the Seedling Heat Mat on a flat, dry surface under a seedling tray. More consistent heating with fewer hot spots than other seedling heat mats on the market

My Review

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I was super excited to receive this product and give it a shot. We start our garden from seeds every spring and have been learning so much as we have gone along. One thing we learned was how important a seedling heat mat is for propagating seeds. We didn’t have one in the past and struggled getting them started with just grown lights alone. The grow lights did work but we have had an increase in the success rate using Lumanux mat and cut down the time it takes as well. Grow lights are needed after the seedlings break the surface but in the beginning the seeds need warm soil to get their start and the heat mat does a better job of that and cuts down the time it takes to get them started. This is going to be so helpful with our gardening!

It’s available for purchase on Amazon for only $14.75 prime shippingright now at this link:

This product did everything it claimed so I give it 5 out of 5 stars!!

5 stars

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