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Treat your healthcare career with the right tools. Best stethoscope for the price. Premium Cardiology Stethoscope is a high end stethoscope for all your professional healthcare needs.  Already being used by Doctors, Nurses, Respiratory therapist, nursing and medical assitants, as well as students.  The quality of sound heard through the vey soft eartips rivals that of most Littman stethoscopes.  No more painful eartips, great seal and easy to wash.

Dual sided bell makes sure you have the right tools to hear the right sounds.  Clear pitches, hearts sounds and tones. Hear every crackle, rhonchi and wheeze.  Lighter than its high quality peers.  Easy to wear around your neck.

  • Great Sound – Hear everything! Easily hear the blood pressure. Hear every heart beat, every heart sound. Hear every crackle, rail and rhonchi.
  • Soft and comfortable ear tips. Nice tight seal that lets your hear perfectly and all of this from the softest eartips that won’t hurt your ears.
  • High Quality! Professional Stethoscopes for Cardiologist, Pulmonologist, Critical Care Nursed, ER Nurse, Med Surg Nurses, Student Nurses, Respiratory Therapist, Office Nurses as well as CNA’s Nurse assitants.
  • You get more stethoscope for your money here than anywhere else. Compare to the 3M Cardiology Littmann
  • 60 day full money back guarantee.

My Review

Wow, what awesome timing! I just completed my CNA training last fall. I started working as a CNA two-weeks ago and I will find out the 787efirst week of October if I have been accepted into the Nursing program. This stethoscope is great! I wish I would 788ehave had it for my CNA course but I passed without it. This just would have made it easier. 🙂 I can hear heart sounds, breath sounds, & bowel sounds with the Passionate Care Stethoscope.
One thing I noticed right away was the thick, durable tubing.  I have seen cheap stethoscopes that are made with thin tubing that is easily compressed. They are well made but not heavy. The packaging told me right away that this product would be well built and was created by a quality company. The box is heavy duty and a great place to store it as you can see in the short video I created below this is a great product.

790eThe bell and diaphragm on this stethoscope flips to turn on or off which ever side you need for the current situation.  The ear pieces are made of soft silicone and create a great seal while being comfortable, plus there are extra ones included. These are going to be a great help while I begin my nursing journey. They come at a very affordable price tag when compared to comparable stethoscopes. Never miss another sound and purchase these and try it out for yourself.

I give these five out of five stars. 5 stars

You can purchase them on Amazon HERE for $59.97prime shipping

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6 Responses so far.

  1. Jo Essenburg says:

    Nice review, it’s always great to get some extra ear tips with the stethoscope. I agree with the recommendation that this is a great stethoscope to start out in the medical field. Can’t go wrong with it.
    Jo Essenburg recently posted..Best Littmann Stethoscope: What is it?My Profile

  2. Shelly says:

    This stethoscope has lovely specs. This is a good review. Most stethoscopes need ear tips replacement with continued use after a while.

  3. Shelly says:

    I cant agree more with every single point in this review. You brought out everything about this stethoscope in such great detail. It’s definitely among my favorite steths!

  4. Jacob Nyman says:

    How does the acoustics of this passionate care stethoscope pare up compared to a Littmann?

    Also could you do a review on a Vorfreude stethoscope?
    Jacob Nyman recently posted..Stethoscope brands – A short overviewMy Profile

    • Valerie says:

      For the price I think this is a great stethoscope but everyone dreams of one day owning a Littmann. It is always a chart topper as far as reviews are concerned. I love doing reviews and would be willing to review most things but I am not in a situation to just purchase things for review. If I do get the opportunity, however, I will review that stethoscope as well. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

  5. This stethoscope looks fine for the job. I will buy it.
    Donald Haynes recently posted..Best Stethoscope For Nurses of 2019 Complete Reviews With ComparisonMy Profile

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