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Lulu Jr LogoReady now and ideal for the holidays!  The new My Comic Book (MSRP $29.99 designed for ages 8 – adult) is a create your very own comic book kit! Kids write and illustrate their own story pages and then mail the pages to us in the included prepaid envelope (or you create your comic book and submit electronically). In about 4 weeks we will send you a full color 6.75″ x 10.25″ printed comic book that includes an “About the Author” feature, complete with a short biography and photo of the child author printed on the back cover. 

ee5bbac93f14166a775dda795292c810cee5be6d_1Your My Comic Book kit includes ready-to-use page templates, washable markers, artist pen, pencil and eraser, “Comics In Action!” how-to guide, a postage-paid envelope, order form and instructions for creating your very own comic book.

 My Comic Book is a perfect introduction to hands-on creativity and storytelling, and it makes learning easy because it’s fun. The process allows children to build their self-confidence through the joy of holding their first published book and sharing it with family and friends. When a child writes a book they can develop a sense of pride that can endure for a lifetime!

About Lulu Jr.
Lulu Jr. allows children to become published authors while encouraging creativity, strengthening literacy and building self-esteem. The e005f9f6ba3abf522ebef68846489e3ace2d91deLulu Jr. product line helps children realize their potential as authors and artists. Lulu Jr. supports teachers with education programs that give free tools to encourage the development of students’ literacy. Lulu Jr. has been recognized by the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) gold award, SheKnows Parents’ Choice awards, Creative Child Magazine Toy of the Year, Academic’s Choice Brain Toy award and more with over 20 awards that recognize unique products that parents can trust to enrich their children’s lives. For more information, please visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Lulu Jr. is a division of

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My Review

091This is going to be a two part review because I haven’t received the actual comic book, that my son created, back in the mail yet. This is such a great idea and so fun to help him create. Here is the kit we received in the mail. What a great way to make your child’s stories come to life and to cherish them for years to come.

  • You Make it
  • They Print it
  • You Share it

There are different ways you can do this too. You can use the paper they include with step-by-step instructions and simply draw it all out and mail it in or you can do it all online. Here is a video about how to use their included papers to make your book.

How Does Lulu Jr. Work? from Lulu Jr. on Vimeo.

092If you choose to create your book online, they have characters and objects you can insert as images into your comic book, as well as using your own images. My son drew and colored images and then we cut them out and scanned them into the computer and used them to create his comic book online. We used some of the images LuLu Jr. has to add more to it as well. You choose the layouts for each page and then pick your background pictures. For background images they have these different categories to look through: City day, city night, exterior day, exterior night, interiors, outdoor day, outdoor night, favorites, bridges, buildings, hills, indoors, outdoors, night, sea, nature, animals, miscellaneous.  Then they have pages of stickers you can add too with these categories: effects, hero, villain, heroine, villainess, extras, alphabet, animals, baby, beach, buildings, fairy tales, farm, flags, food, historical, holidays, indoors, love, music, numbers, outdoors, people, religious, school, shapes, space, sports, stickers,, symbols, toys, transportation, and vacation. It was a lot of fun and he cannot wait to get it back and show it to his friends! This is a perfect gift for birthday parties and for the upcoming holidays. The finished book is shipped to you with free shipping as well so there aren’t any extra hidden fee’s or anything like that. All you do is order your package, ours was the comic book, create your book and wait for it to be shipped to you.

You can choose from Illustory Jr. $19.99productIlluStoryJunior1 1000pxIllustory $29.99 productIlluStory1 1000px  My Comic Book $29.99productMyComicBook1 1000px

and My Awesome Book. $39.99 productMyAwesomeBook1 1000px. Use this link to find out more about the differences in each of these book making kits:

For the the first part of our review we give this product 5 out of 5 stars!! I know we will be buying more of these kits in the future.

5 stars



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