006Manuka Lane Moisturizing Face Lift Cream is made in New Zealand and has included bee venom and manuka honey in their ingredients. They do mention that is you are allergic to bee venom you may feel some effects. I am not allergic to bee venom and didn’t experience anything different then using regular moisturizer.

This moisturizer is very light and goes on so smooth. It really feels nice on my skin and feels cool. This moisturizer also absorbs super fast and doesn’t leave behind anything on your skin. Some moisturizer leave a film or a greasy or oily feeling but this one is completely absorbed leaving nothing behind. There is a light scent to it I would describe as somewhat floral but it is so light it didn’t bother me at all and disappears as the lotion is absorbed.

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After I unscrewed the cap I saw it also comes with another layer of protection with a plastic lid inside it as well. On the right you can see how light the lotion really is. I think this is a nice moisturizer though I haven’t seen any type of “facelift” type changes. I still give this product five our of five stars because it is so light, no residue and no crazy perfume smell to it. 5 stars

You can buy it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0142J66BG for $29.95prime shippingcurrently

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  1. Such wonderful products. Thanks for sharing.

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