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*** Sizes available are 8-12

Silicone Wedding Ring Gray and Black. The SOL Silicone Wedding Band is a high-quality alternative for men with active lifestyles and jobs requiring machinery. Safer than the traditional wedding band, our hypoallergenic, non-conductive, non-porous, non-toxic, waterproof, medical grade silicone rubber band will let you pursue your active lifestyle while still showing the world you are happily married! Ring evulsion incidents are common. A sudden pull on a finger ring can result in serious soft tissue injury.

In SOL Rings we value your complete satisfaction and strive to offer the best quality product and excellent customer service. Please contact us with any problem or suggestion, we love to hear from our costumers

At SOL rings, we are inspired by the sun that represent all the good things in life.

  • *MATERIAL: Hypoallergenic, Non-Conductive, Non-Porous, non-toxic, waterproof, medical grade silicone rubber. Designed for: Electricians, Firemen, Policemen, Travelers, Bikers, Campers and Outdoor Adventurers.
    *COMFORT AND SAFETY IN YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLY: A safe alternative for the metal wedding ring – our flexible basketball, baseball, climbing, diving, water sports, and any activity you take on.
    *STYLISH silicone wedding band in a modern masculine design. Gray and Black line.
    *THIN but strong and durable.
    *WIDTH is 8.7mm, thickness is 2mm.

My Review

318First off I have to say that who ever came up with the silicone wedding band idea was brilliant. Why isn’t it ever my idea?

I am going to Nursing school and currently working as a C.N.A. at a nursing home so wearing a traditional wedding ring isn’t happening. This IS the solution for me. Wearing a ring in the medical field won’t work but this is also a great idea for those that work as a welder, mechanic, chef, horticulturist, play a lot of different sports or extracurricular activities, electricians, and more. There are just times when wearing a wedding ring just isn’t a good idea. Before I started into this field I still took my ring off when I had to use my hands in my cooking/baking and when I would work in the garden. I love that these rings are so affordable and come in so many color options and then there are companies like SOL that even create these two tone wedding bands. They are called 319wedding bands in the description but they can, of course, just be worn as regular rings as well. I plan on having all the colors so I can change them out with my scrubs/outfits.

I really enjoy the two-tone feature with these rings and this one has held up as of today. Now I have to tell you that this is the 2nd SOL ring I have reviewed. I requested to review this one with the red stripe before I received my first that was a light gray with a black band in the center. Unfortunately after wearing the first one for about a week the bands started to separate (something I hadn’t even thought of). Now I will say working as a C.N.A. my hands take a real beating. I wash my hands and apply hand sanitizer as well as put on and take off gloves the entire time I am at work so this may be to much for a ring with separate bands like this as I have read many other good reviews.

Available now on Amazon at this link: http://amzn.to/1ktYJ21 currently listed at $14.99prime shipping

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