Hero Alliance Series Phone Case

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The new Hero Alliance Series cases for iPhone 6s/6 is protective and stylish. A YouTube video has shown that it withstands drops of up to 50 feet. Tough, durable, dependable, ESR Case’s upgraded Hero Alliance Series has debuted, offering a superhero level of protection for your devices.

 Color Options: Blue, Black, Silver, Gold, Red

My Review

500698856f9309f8e186ce4ff16a0e63a99fd450I have always had an Otterbox on my phone and it has been used and abused and was still working even though a couple of the plastic pieces had been broken off. I am a super active mom and my phone hits the ground constantly as I am always coming and going, and up and moving on my feet. I work as a CNA currently and on the average 12 hour shift I walk around 9 miles. I am also a nursing student, home-school mom, soccer mom and wife so there is no sitting down for me with our crazy busy schedule. The instructions for putting on the case and screen protector were great and easy to follow. This case has an shock absorbing silicone layer as well as the metal lined, plastic case.

c2ab8aaf42b4a9d5c05ad6ba416605c8f5599d16You can see the metal in the image above, along with all the other layers to this phone. I have already dropped my phone several times in it’s new case and have not had any cracks to my phone or the case. I will keep you updated if anything changes but at this point I am very satisfied with this case and since it is drastically cheaper then an Otterbox this may be my new go-to when I need to replace my phone case. I also like the fact that it has covers for both the charging port and the headphone port that flip open when needed and close when not in use to protect them.

I give this phone case five out of five stars because it is wonderfully made and has held up great. I love the design, color scheme and metal insert in this case.

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You can order a case for yourself on Amazon for $17.99 currently and it is prime eligible! Here is the direct link: http://amzn.to/1WObCSo


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